Made Almost $5 Buying Canned Dough This Morning



Mashup Mom is right: Go to Jewel, buy 8 rolls of Pillsbury Crescents, Sweet Rolls or others that are covered by both the General Mills Catalina deal and the Pillsbury Catalina, and you will get $14 in Catalina coupons back.

(What am I jibbering about? See my Catalina primer on Wise Bread.)

I used two $1/1 Crescents printables (no longer available) and two $1/2 sweet rolls printables (I don't see these on now but there are LOTS of Pillsbury Qs on there).







Here's the breakdown:

pre-card price: $3.16 x 8 = $25.28

card price: $1.67 x 8 = $13.36

after four $1 coupons = $9.36

 Paid $9.36, get a $10 Cat and a $4 Cat. Niiiice!

As you can see, I could have made $1 more if I'd used one more coupon. I just handed over the wrong number of coupons, but no worries, I'll be back to use more. And by the way, there was a blinkie box for $.75/3 right on the cooler.

So in my house we have gone from only having bread or rolls when I make some in the bread machine or oven to having these empty-calories canned doughs available at all times. I know! But I will confess a secret love for the crescents dating back to my childhood, and I cannot WAIT to get into some of those cinnamon rolls. Also, we have this little book of Halloween recipes from Pillsbury and they all call for cans of dough.

AND, each tube comes with a Box Tops for Education worth 10 cents to my kid's school.



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Resweater said:


I bought 4 of the Pillsbury Simply ready to bake cookie dough (along with Cascadian Farm cereal), and I not only got the $10 cat back, but the $2 Pillsbury cat too. Not the smokin' deal you got, but I had a $1 off coupon for each thing I bought, and we love the cereal.

They also have Crest toothpaste (big tubes) on sale for $1, and there was a .75 off coupon recently, so they were .25 each. I didn't really need them (i've already got a year's supply!), but for that price I thought i'd get them to donate.

jlwood said:

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I guess I don't really get it (I want to, I do!) I am trying to learn this coupon game thing and so far come way short on every deal I have tried to duplicate what I read online. I just got back from Jewel where I bought 9 rolls of Pillsbury dough (in the form of Biscuits and Crescent rolls) and though I had coupons and my Jewel card and saved almost 50%, I didn't get any $14 back coupons, I just have $12 worth of canned dough that though it will be delicious I could have probably lived without and probably would have never bought otherwise.
I bought 9 tubes, the total of which before discounts was $25.71. I guess I shouldn't complain, since I did get it for $13, but I had hoped for the coupons back to buy the rest of the items I needed, which was about $15.
I guess I don't really get how buying something you don't absolutely need is any better on the budget than just shopping smarter and buying what you do need. I hardly ever go to Jewel, because in the past, we've shopped mainly at Trader Joes and Costco. We spend about $400 a month in the trips to those two places, but I never need to buy stuff that I wouldn't otherwise, and I don't have to hunt for coupons, and hope the math works out at the store correctly.
If I can make this work it could be the difference between us being able to afford to stay at home with Kids or not, so I do want to get it, I just don't. I have read a full cup, Common Sense with Money, all the coupon primers I have run across, but my deals never look as good in the end as they do on the internet. :(

Carrie Kirby said:


jlwood -- I wrote a whole post in response to your comment.
For your particular situation, since neither Cat printed I bet there was a problem with the machine. If I were you I would go to customer service or contact Catalina at least about the Pillsbury, since that is pretty straightforward -- you bought at least 6, so you should have gotten that $4 Cat. The link to their contact page is in my post.

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