Kmart Super Doubles: I Cleaned That Kmart Out

Today I passed a big Super Kmart and I couldn't go to it. This is because I was really, really far from my house and pretty much lost, and it was past pickup time for my kindergartener and one of my mom friends had to pick her up instead of me. So yeah, it was a tough day -- total parental fail AND being that close to a Super K and not being able to go in and use tons of doubled coupons to get free and cheap groceries. But let's focus on the positive: Nutmeg was not traumatized by getting picked up late, and I got all this for $18 + tax at the regular tiny Kmart in Forest Park:

Those are 32 boxes of Ziplocs in addition to the 6 boxes I got on my first Super Doubles trip.

It really should have cost less than that, but not everything worked out exactly as I had hoped. Oh, I should also add that I paid $5 for coupons on EBay to get this loot. The total out-of-pocket cost was $40 (about $10 tax) -- but I got $17 in Catalinas which I spent on knee socks for Nutmeg and training pants for Pebbles. I got a $12 Catalina for buying $50 worth of diapers, and a $5 Catalina for -- I think -- buyin $25 worth of Ziploc bags in one transaction. I really should have bought $50 of those Ziplocs in one transaction too and I would have probably gotten another $12 Cat instead of the $5. Everything in the picture was supposed to be free except the diapers, which cost $13 after coupons, a Kmart $5/$50, and the Catalina. I ended up paying a few extra bucks just because I accidentally bought two more boxes of Ziplocs than I had coupons for, and the second cashier I got did not ring up the "buy one, get one" Reese's coupons quite the way I expected. I had to stop back in this evening to get a couple things corrected -- a couple coupons that didn't scan, an item I got charged for too many times. But I have to commend the Forest Park Kmart this time around -- everyone I dealt with was really helpful and also nice. Thanks, I appreciate it!

There were filler items I didn't put in the picture: a bottle of vinegar and a box of saran wrap because the first transaction I did was all freebies and I needed something to spend the $5/$50 Kmart coupon on.

Oh, I also got $7.50 in coupons for "holiday candy" that can only be used in November. This was a $5/$5 and a $2.50/$2.50. And I got a $5/$5 on my first trip on Sunday too. I got these for buying so much candy.

So not only are our trick-or-treaters taken care of, but it looks like the Christmas stockings are too.

Once again, Super Doubles was not without effort and it took me way more time than I would have liked, but looking at everything I got for a price I would have been happy to pay for the diapers alone, I feel pretty good about it.

Oh! And if you're making a last-minute Super Doubles run on Saturday, print this $1/1 Bumblebee tuna coupon. Money Saving Mom says you can print it as many as 10 times, and you're sure to get a free pouch of tuna for every doubled coupon.



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