Grocery Deals at Jewel for the Week of Oct. 8


See the regular grocery sales below, but first I want to tell you about this special deal Jewel has going on this week. It's a "spend $10, save $3 instantly deal" for a whole mess of stuff. Some of these things end up at a ho-hum price (like a 4-pack of Angel Soft toilet paper for $1.75, when I've seen it plenty of times for $1) but some look like stock up prices indeed. Here are the best items I see in this grocery deal, with coupon matchups. All the prices are assuming that you spend $10 and get the $3 instant savings:

70 cents: Duncan Hines cake or brownie mix, 10-pack Playtex disposable globes 70 cents (there is a $1/1 Q on specifically for this disposable variety, which makes them free. There are also $1/1 coupons for Playtex Living in the 10/4 SmartSource and on -- not sure if they will work on these), Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest pasta, 12-16 oz. (sign up here for $1/2 boxes, or get one from the 8/2 SmartSource, making them 20 cents each!), Pop Secret micro popcorn, Blistex, Scotties tissue cube (in the 8/9 and 9/13 RedPlum there are coupons for $.50/3) Softsoap 7.5 oz., Daisy sour cream 8 oz.

$1.40: Sargento shredded cheese 5-8 oz., Hershey's baking chips 10-12 oz.

$1.75: Ocean Spray Cranergy 64 oz. or 4-pack (use $1/1 hangtag), cranberry juice 64 oz., Mott's apple juice 64 oz., Breyer's Disney yogurt 6-pack (use $1.50/2 from 9/13 SmartSource to get them for $1 each), Formula 409 cleaner 32 oz. (use $1/1 from 8/30 RedPlum to get it for 75 cents), six packs of 7-Up, IBC root beer and other drinks .5 liters, Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables (use $1/2 from 9/13 SmartSource to get them for $1.25 each), SuBee honey 12 oz., Sargento Finishers 4.66-7.44 oz. (use $.75/1 from 9/27 SmartSource to get it for $1)

$3.50: Birdseye Steamfresh Pasta Meals for Two (use $1.50/1 from 9/13 SmartSource to get it for $2)



jumbo split chicken breasts 99 cents; strawberries $1.88/lb.


Buy 10, get it for $1.50 each: Quaker Oats 42 oz., Quaker True Delights granola bars (use $1/1 from 8/23 RedPlum to get it for 50 cents)

Buy 10, get it for $1 each: Cap'n Crunch 15 oz., Life 14 oz.; Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (use $1/2 printable to get them for 50 cents each)

Jewel cheese 8 oz. $2

Buy 3 Red Baron pizzas for $10, get 3 Redbox DVD rentals

Mars fun size candy bags 9.5-11.4 oz. $2.50 (use $1/1 from 10/4 RedPlum to get it for $1.50)

Jack's pizza $2.99

Egg Innovations cage free, omega or vegetarian eggs $2.50/dozen

Goldfish crackers 6.6-8 oz. $1

Wonka Halloween Nerds or Sweetarts 12 $2.50 (use $1/1 coupon for signing up here)*

Buy one, get one free: Butterball boneless turkey breast, 3 lbs. frozen, @  $14.99; Athenos feta crumbles 3.5-4 oz. @ $3.99; Dean's sherbet, quart, @ $3.75; Jennie-O turkey meatballs 1.5 lb. frozen @ $5.99; Pillar Rock red salmon canned 14.75 oz. @ $7.99; PapaNicholas coffee 11-12 oz. @ $9.99; Ghiradelli brownie mix @ $3.29; Krusteaz muffin mix @ $2.99; Krusteaz buttermilk pancake mix @ $2.99; Glade Fragrance Collection Candle or Reed Diffuser @ $9.99; Stella shredded grated or shaved cheese cups 5 oz.  @ $4.29; Jennie-O italian sausage or brats 19 oz. or burgers 16 oz. @ $5.49 (use two $.55/1 Jennie-O sausage coupons from 9/27 SmartSource to get 2 packages for $2.20 each), Hormel pork fillets 27.2 oz. $10.99, fudge iced custard eclaires @ $3.49; Gaucho sliced Italian beef with gravy 26 oz. @ $6.89, Lloyd's or Chi-Chi's BBQ seasoned meat tubs 18 oz. @ $7.49, Indian Summer apple juice 64 oz. @ $3.49, Mezzetta pasta sauce 25 oz. @ $5.49

Manufacturer's coupons: $2/2 Oscar Mayer bacon, valid 10/8-10/14; $1/1 any Neutrogena product, excludes cosmetics, suncare and trial sizes, expires 10/14/09

*Some breastfeeding advocates boycott Nestle. Personal choice, obviously.

Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database. Photo by TheeErin, used via Creative Commons license.




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landersgen said:

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Sara said:

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I got:
(1) 12oz bag Hershey chocolate Chips
(2) 10 packs of Playtex gloves (had no problem using the printable coupons on these, even though they weren't for these specific type of gloves, and even though the cashier was picky about other coupons I tried to use)
(1) Sargentos shredded Parmesan cheese
(2) Newman's Own Pasta Sauce
(4) boxes Healthy Harvest Pasta
(1) tub Smart Balance butter
(1) 48oz bottle Smart Balance oil

*drum roll* after $4 worth of coupons and promotional savings of $6...I paid $10. It would have been better if they hadn't been out of the Emerald Peanuts that I had a coupon for, but oh well.

I also found Ester-C on clearance for $7.49 and used the $5 coupon that was recently in one of the Sunday coupon inserts. Not bad considering the regular price is $14ish.

Carrie Kirby said:


You did great! Thanks for the info about the gloves coupons. I am excited about these because we want to make them into Halloween decorations -- fill with candy and hang as creepy disembodied hands.

JenK said:


Do pre-card prices work fro this one, too? I LOVE the Smart Balance PB and could stock up.

Sara said:

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Based on where the discounts showed on my receipt, I'm pretty sure you have to reach $10 with the sale price to get the discount.

Carrie Kirby said:


Yeah, I think that's the way it works for these instant savings deals. $10 in card prices.

ThatGirl said:

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Hi Carrie, I can't figure out how to just ask you a question without posting a comment so here it is: I live in the far northern suburbs and am about 25 minutes from the nearest Trader Joe's. After reading the article about 7 foods that should never cross your lips, I'm ready to go organic. Have you heard of the farms in the Chicagoland area that deliver organic produce? Do you have an opinion of them and what kind of deal they offer as opposed to simply buying organic produce at the grocery store? Thanks!

Carrie Kirby said:


Hi ThatGirl,

Yes, there are lots of ways to order organic produce delivered in the Chicago area, including Community Supported Agriculture farms and at least one service I know of (Irv and Shelly's Fresh Picks). Well, actually a lot of CSAs have you pick up your box at a drop-off point but that's still pretty convenient. I think in general these save you money compared to buying organic in the store, but I haven't done a close analysis. In my experience we also saved money when we had an organic delivery because it encouraged us to base more meals on vegetables, so we spent less on meat.

I'll do a post on this option, but I'll do in in late winter when the CSAs are signing up members for the new growing season. This time of year, you may still be able to sign up for a "fall share" with one, but you'll be getting a lot of storage crops since of course our local farms will be pretty much wrapping it up soon.

The best place I know to find a CSA near you is Check it out.

Kris said:

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This'll teach me to shop without the circular in hand! I knew there was a deal on potatoes for under $1, but my Jewel had 5lb potatoes marked $4.99 yesterday! I bet it wasn't the Great Value brand, but I couldn't even find that kind. I walked the whole produce department but was in a hurry, so I ended up walking out with a $4 10lb bag of russets. I haven't opened it yet. If I have time I'll return it today.

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