Free Just Tastes Better: Free Piece of Chicken From KFC

When KFC tried to give out a ton of free meals, it went kind of bad. Lots of people waited in line and weren't able to get served.

Now KFC says it'll give out one piece of its grilled chicken to each customer on Monday, Oct. 26.

Actually, I'm pretty sure they already had a day when they gave out a single piece, and it went fine.

I'll drop into a KFC if there is no line. I don't do long lines for freebies, especially not for one lousy piece of chicken. The program Marketplace on NPR addressed this issue briefly tonight in a humorous interview between host Kai Ryssdal and his editor, Paddy HIrsch.

It's a fun listen, with Kai trying to talk about opportunity cost and Paddy insisting, "Free just tastes better."

Yeah, it does.



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