Jewel 9/17-9/23: Make Money Buying Campbell's Soup


I'll post the rest of the Jewel deals later, but first here's a word about this week's Campbell's Catalina deal. (If you don't know what a Catalina is, read this post.) Have you noticed that Campbell's has been discounting its products all over the place lately? This $1/2 cooking soups printable coupon will really come in handy at Jewel this week, especially if you have access to multiple computers and can print a lot of copies, because there's a Campbell's Catalina deal going:

Spend $15, get $5. Products include Cambell's tomato or chicken noodle @ 50 cents (w/out card 20/$15), Goldfish crackers 6.8-8 oz. @ $1.25, 2 oz. Goldfish or Campbell's Canned Pasta (Spaghetti-os) @ $1, V8 Splash juice 64 oz., Milano cookies or Swanson chicken breast 4.5 oz. @ $2, Cambell's Select Harvest or Chunky @ $1.25, Prego pasta sauce @ $2.

Here's the moneymaking deal: Buy 20 cans Cambpell's tomato soup for $10 with card, $15 pre-card price. Use 10 $1/2 printables to get them free. Collect $5 Catalina coupon. Or if you only have a few $1/2s, also clip the the Cambell's coupons from the 9/13 SmartSource: $1/2 V8 Splash, $.40/2 any condensed soups, $.40/4 chicken noodle or tomato, $.50/2 Select Harvest.

Since I only have two $1/2 right printables, and since my dad likes Select Harvest, here's my planned scenario for getting a lot of soup for a buck:

6 cans Select Harvest          $7.50 card price ($12.90 pre-card)

4 cans Condensed Tomato $2.00 card price   ($3.00 pre-card)


                                                $9.50 card price ($15.90 pre-card)

MINUS COUPONS                 2.00 two $1/2 cooking soups Qs

                                                  1.50 three $.50/2 Select Qs


                                                  $6.00 out of pocket, get $5 coupon back

(This scenario assumes that the deal works on the pre-card price, as Jewel Catalina deals usually do. Also, you might wonder if tomato soup counts as a "cooking soup." Well, Common Sense With Money points out that it is listed on the Campbell's  Web site as a cooking soup, and I have successfully used this coupon for tomato soup before.)

Photo of Andy Warhol's soup cans at NY Moma by bfick, used via Creative Commons license.



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Denise Appler Erazmus said:


Can you confirm if the precard price works? That seems to really make a big differance is now good this deal is.

Carrie Kirby said:


Yep, I did it today and it works on precard. Will post imminently.

Deals Hunt said:


I basically love their price of product it is so nice to use it.

Deals Hunt

JenK said:


I left a comment on another post about my deal not working - 4 6.6 oz goldfish + 4 Harvest Select soups (pre card $15.80)...the cashier told me they are trying to change the system to work on sale price. Today the cashier came up to me and said she was wrong, that it should be pre-card price, and gave me $5 off my order because the coupon didn't print with my transaction last week. Awesome!

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