Free "Party" With Oprah in Chicago

It's usually pretty hard to get tickets to see Oprah live. Long waiting lists, yadda yadda yadda. But Tuesday, you could see Oprah on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, taping the season premier of her 24th season. And admission is my favorite price: free.

You'd better have the day off, though. According to Oprah's Web site, they're letting people into the "party" area at noon, and taping starts at 5 p.m. I can't imagine how early people will start lining up for entrance, but they do say that overnight camping will not be permitted.

It's kind of funny that they call it a party, though. To me, a party means punch and pie, or something of the edible and drinkable nature, whereas Oprah's page says to bring water and that "No food of any kind will be provided" for the seven-hour even (Five hours of waiting for taping to begin + two hours of taping.)

You will get live music, though, from the Black Eyed Peas and our hometown girl Jennifer Hudson. That's kind of party-like.

The show is all-ages and kids are allowed if accompanied by adult. But I'm not bringing mine, that's for sure. Seven hours of standing outside, with no punch and pie?

I love you, Oprah, but I'll have to miss your party.

Photo by nayrb7, used via Creative Commons license.



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TeritaLM said:

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Are you the same Frugalista from Miami or just stealing intellectual property? Nevermind. I see you're not. She's a better writer than you.

JenK said:


Well that's just mean and uncalled for. If the blog doesn't meet your standards, don't read it.

Craig G. said:

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I think that it is a total crock that Oprah has been allowed by Richard "The Tyrant" Daley to shut-down "The Magnificient mile" to do her show.
Oprah is being completeky selfish. The only reason she wants to shut down Michigan ave. is to outdo Rachel Ray's "Block Party" in Wrigleyville. Oprah's ego will not allow a peron like Rachel to outdo her. Oprah is like,"How dare Rachel Ray come to Chicago and try to beat me out by having her block party. Rachel, who do you think you are? I created you Rachel, and Rachel , you woulld be nobody if it were not for me. I'll show you , Rachel who rules Chicago, and " The Tyrant" Daley.
I am shutting -down Michigan ave to do the Oprah Show. How do you like thems apples?"

You can rest asssureed that "The Tyrant" got some sort of kick-back for her to do her show

Muji said:

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What you don't realize, Craig, that more than anything, this was a publicity stunt for Chicago, to help its bid to host the Olympics. Of course, Daley would be interested in that. This is not about Rachel Ray. Think outside the small box!

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