CVS: Got My Milk and a Bunch of Other Stuff for Just the Tax

We needed milk tonight, so off to CVS I went. Armed with two $5/$25 coupons from taking the quiz on the CVS site, of course, not to mention a few manufacturer's coupons.

I got all this in two transactions. Both were over $25 before coupons. After coupons, I paid about $22 + $4 tax, and got $24 Extra Bucks back. So really, it all cost me $2 -- 29 cents less than the price of the milk.



The ECBs I got were for the Vaseline Infusium deal (costs $7.99, get $7ECBs) and the "spend $15, get 5 ECBs" Cover Girl deal. Exact instructions on where to find the coupons can be found on Common Sense With Money. I didn't get any guff about my selections for the Cover Girl bogo coupon, although I know some other people have been hassled by cashiers with a narrow definition of what consitutes a "face product." My other filler was a $2 bottle of CVS-brand Viology shampoo, with a $2/1 coupon from the Reinventing Beauty magazine you see there. I actually rang up the magazine, then pulled out the coupon and had him scan it.

By the way, I tried on the lip stain in the picture, which is on sale for $7. Meh. It is exactly like coloring your lips with a felt-tipped pen, and I don't think the effect was any better than a much quicker lipstick.



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