All This for Free at Kmart Super Doubles

I topped off an exhausting weekend of shopping with ... more shopping. Why yes, I am starting to figure out why I never have time for anything.

But still. When I did a quick perusal of the possible deals at Kmart to write it up for you this morning, I saw that not only could I actually make money buying Special K, I could also get free Ziploc bags (which we were getting low on) and the free Reece's peanut butter cups I missed out on getting last time around. The clincher was that when 5-year-old Nutmeg found out I was going to get Halloween candy, she actually wanted to come with. I also kinda sorta told her we could maybe get some Halloween decorations, too. The kid is obsessed with this holiday.

Here's what I got for free:



(That Cariboo game you see in the background is just clutter in our house, not part of the purchase.)


This was definitely the most successful Super Doubles trip I ever had, although I still have to stress that this took up a good chunk of my Sunday. The Special K deal came off without a hitch, making those a $2.50 moneymaker (the boxes also have a promotion that can get you a $10 voucher toward a pair of jeans by mail, which I am sending in). Some of these things in the photo actually cost money after coupon -- the diapers were $6 after doubled coupon, the 409 was 50 cents, the Dentek flossers were 50 cents after coupon, and four of the Reeces were 15 cents after coupon while the other six were free. However, the $2.50 overage from the cereal plus a $5/$50 Kmart coupon took care of that.

My total was almost exactly $20 for all this plus $16 worth of Halloween decor. There was about $5.50 tax, so that means if you don't count tax, I actually came out ahead. Even better than that is the fact that the experience, while still time-consuming, was not painful. The cashier was very nice and I caught the only mistake she made (applying a $2/1 Huggies Overnights coupon to wipes).



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