Today's Deal Hounding: Free Fruit Snacks, Not Free Granola


I had an idea about the Catalina deal at Dominick's on fruit snacks and granola. The deal that caused me all kinds of confusion because people with stores that double coupons were saying it was a freebie deal, but for us where they don't double, not entirely free.

My idea was, what about those Cellfire coupons? Right now there are 40 cents/1 Qs on Cellfire for both the fruit snacks and granola bars. Wouldn't combining those be just like doubling, allowing us to get all 8 boxes of snacks for free?

So I tried it today, and here was my result:

4 boxes Betty Crocker fruit snacks $8.00

- Dominick's coupon from flyer         4.00

- four .40/1 man. coupons                1.60

- one Cellfire Q .40/1                         .40


                           paid                  $2.00, received a $2.50 Catalina -- 50-cent moneymaker!

4 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars (Trail Mix Dark Chocl & Nut) $10.00

- Dominick's coupon from flyer DIDN'T COME OFF!                        0.00

- four .50/1 manufacturer's coupons                                               2.00

- one Cellfire Q .40/1                                                                      .40


                                                                                        paid     7.60, got $2.50 Cat

                                                                                        cost $5.10 or $1.28/box :-(

So what happened? Why wasn't everything free?

1. What I didn't anticipate is that Cellfire only applies the coupon to your order ONCE, no matter how many of the item you buy. So I bought four boxes of granola bars and got 40 cents off, not $1.60 off.

2. For some reason the store coupon didn't take off $4 for the granola bars. This might be just because the cashier didn't scan it properly, or maybe the variety I chose -- Trail Mix Dark Chocolate and Nut -- isn't included. I will stop by the customer service desk when I get a chance and probably get the $4 back cash. Due to Issue No. 1, they still won't be free, but at that point they'd be $1.10 for the 4 boxes, or 60 cents for all 8 if you include the moneymaking fruit snacks. A little bit more if you are using 40 cent/1 coupons for the granola bars instead of the 50 cent/1 ones I used.

On the upside, I learned that yes, you CAN combine Cellfire, paper manufacturer's coupons and store coupons all on one item. What I didn't try -- but you could -- is also loading ShortCuts coupons onto my card in addition to Cellfire. Right now ShortCuts has .40/1 fruit shapes and .40/1 Nature Valley granola bars, so doing this should be able to shave at least another 80 cents off the purchase, meaning that the whole thing would be a 20-cent moneymaker after coupons and Catalinas, or cost just pennies, depending on the coupons used. ShortCuts also has 60 cents off Chex Mix bars and 50 cents off 2 Fruit by the Foot, etc. and Gushers -- not sure if any of those are included in the deal but they are priced the same as the ones that are.

In other Dominick's deal news:

  •  I got 3 12-packs Fudgesicles for $1 each. They were $1.99 each if you buy 3, and I was able to use a $2/3 coupon that printed out at Jewel during the Catalina deal. The cashier said no because it said Jewel on it, but the store manager said yes. We have a lot of ice cream in the house, BUT Nutmeg has been asking for fudge bars all summer.
  • The individual cups of Starbucks ice cream are now $1.25 regular price. If you have $2/1 Qs or $1/1 Qs from the 8/9 RedPlum (I think it depended on where you got the paper), these are free or just a quarter. Again, had to get the manager's judgement on whether I could use the $2/1 Q on a $1.25 item -- but in the end she let me and even gave me the overage.
  • I found a coupon book at the end of the checkout that says "Help Abbey Beat Muscular Distrophy" and "Over $40 Savings Inside." Coupons include $1/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter, $1/1 All Small & Mighty, $2/1 Schick Slim Twin or ST2 Disposable razor packs and $1/1 any Vlasic item. Where were these when I was doing the Unilver Catalina??
  • couponbook
  • Organic plums on sale for $1.79/lb and at my store they were even reasonably fresh.



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