$25 in Kraft Groceries Free After Coupon and Rebate

Starting today at Jewel-Osco, you can get $25 worth of Kraft products that work out to totally free after a Catalina coupon and a mail-in rebate. 


Here's how it works:

1. You buy $25 worth of participating products in the store and pay for them up front, less any coupons you use.

2. At the register, a $5 coupon should print out that you can use to buy anything on your next shopping trip.

3. A mail-in rebate form should also print out, which you can send in to get the other $20 back.

Someone has posted the full list of participating products on the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum. They include your basic Kraft products like Mac & Cheese and Kraft Singles but also things you might not realize are Kraft like Starbucks Coffee, Capri Sun, California Pizza Kitchen and DiGiorno frozen pizzas. Make sure you check the list so you buy the correct size and variety of the product to qualify for the promos -- or if you're lucky maybe your store will mark them.

To sweeten the deal, find and use as many coupons as you can. There is a Kraft Back to School booklet out in stores that should contain a bunch of coupons; if you can't find one you can sign up to get one here. You can also search Hot Coupon World's database to locate coupons for the products your interested in, or if you don't save the weekly coupon inserts, you can just buy the coupons online. Since this promo runs through August 23, you have enough time to order coupons if you go that route. I usually buy them on Ebay.

 There are also a couple of concurrent Catalina offers in the first few days of this promo that could help you sweeten the pot even more. Check out fellow Chicago bargain blogger Queen of the Urban Jungle for the 411 on those.



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JenK said:


I did the Kraft deal today & it seems the shelf price is the one that counts, rather than the sale price. Used the coupons from yesterday too. Plus Jewel has some Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes for $0.49 on sale!! Jewel did mark the items that qualified.

SusanK said:

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On 8/24/09 I mailed in the cash register receipt and the printed out MAIL-IN OFFER FORM. I just received a post card denying my request because I didn't fill "a valid rebate form." The MAIL-IN OFFER FORM was printed by the cash register.

Deals Hunt said:


i find some exiting collection of Jewelery from check it out.

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