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I'm a little bit ashamed to say that I visited the new Super Target on Mannheim Road twice this week. Even though this new big box palace is just a 10-minute drive from my home, it is usually my policy to sparingly visit stores that I can't walk to. But see, what happened is, my husband was going to drive over there this morning anyway to take Nutmeg shopping a the huge new Michael's. With a coupon from the Sunday paper, of course. We are supposed to be working on shoveling out our basement this weekend, so I thought I would go along to see if Target had any single shelving unit on sale, as well as pick up a few things I'd forgotten, use some of the coupons I just got in a Target mailer, and, yeah, I'll say it: Hit the many free-after-coupon deals at Target one more time.

We didn't get any shelving. But we did VERY well on what we got.

Before I get to my deals, I want to note a couple bargains I didn't buy:

  • Pink girls Radio Flyer Lights & Sounds Trikes are on clearance for under $30, normally $60. That's quite a steal since Radio Flyer is rarely discounted steeply.
  • You can get free dog food by combining a Target coupon with the buy one, get one sale that probably ends today. Thanks My Brain Is Inside Out for that tip.
  • Gold N Plump boneless skinless chicken breasts for 49 cents/lb! If you got a Target coupon mailer this week, take the $2/1 Gold N Plump Target coupon and combine it with a $1/1 manufacturer's coupon from For some reason I didn't have any $1/1 MQs with me so I got a lesser deal :-(

And now for the deals I actually got, in my two trips this week. First today's:



Total spent: $62.38 for regular purchases plus $247.49 for XBox* = $309.87

Total before coupons and discounts: $384.67

Saved: $74.80, 19.5 percent savings


The deals:

$5/$50 groceries from mailer arrived yesterday

10% savings for opening credit card = -$25 (Should have been $6 more, but cashier didn't scan the right barcode to make this happen on our non-XBox order. Don't despair, tho: I called the Target credit card people and they agreed to send me a new 10% discount coupon which I will probably use for an even larger order next time shelving goes on sale.)

10 cereal cups = FREE w/ $1/1 printable (or should have been free; 1 of my 10 coupons didn't get scanned; expires 9/12)

3 mini loaves artisan bread = FREE w/ $1/1 printable (expires 9/12)

1 pint Starbucks Ice Cream = FREE after free product coupon (no longer available)

3 bananas = 18 cents after .50/1 printable (expires 9/5)

1 lb. Gold N Plum boneless skinless chicken breast = $1.49 after sale price & $2/1 Target coupon received in yesterday's mail (regular price $5.49)

itty bitty watermelon = $1 after sale and $1/1 Q from mailer (reg price $3.99)

6 oz berries = $1.79 after sale & mailer Q

Muir Glen organic soup = 75 cents after clearance and $1/1 printable (orig. price $2.49)

*What? An XBox? How is that frugal? We-eeell, my husband, a professional video game developer, has been unable to play video games on his PC since the a part of it blew out last summer due to the heat. (Somehow this tells me we should be able to tax-deduct getting central air, since he needs to play games on that computer to stay current in his profession.) Since then, he's been wanting to build a whole new computer for game playing. I told him to go ahead and put $15 a paycheck into a special account and wait 100 paychecks -- about a year -- for it to grow into the money he needed. He grumbled. Then this week we found out about the "second tax rebate" we're getting from the water company, and he said, "Great! Now I can buy a new computer!" Then Microsoft lowered the price of the Xbox 360 to $250, and I broke down and said OK to that purchase to stave off his new computer jonesing.



On Wednesday we had to go to Target because we needed a new insert for the old mop. I only photographed the grocery portion of the trip this time, except for some reason I stuck those flower pots in there which are clearly not edible. The deals:

3 BPA-free baby bottles = FREE after printable coupons $1/1 Gerber feeding accessory (expires 9/5)

2 mini Artisan breads = FREE after printable $1/1

3 Pacific Farms organic vegetable broth clearanced to $1.92 each (I used it to make split pea soup and was perfectly tasty)

1.58 lbs bananas 42 cents after .50/1 printable

two 1 lb. packs of ham shanks on sale for 99 cents (regular price $1.99)

flower pots clearanced @ $4 each (I want some for potting indoor plants)

wine cube for $9.99, on sale from $11.99 (it's good)

Pedialyte 4-pack clearanced to $2.62

Also not pictured was the very good Huggies deal, which runs through today. I would have done that one again on my second visit, except that they do not seem to have the boxes that were included in Size 2 and my baby is growing so quickly that I worry he'll be out of 1-2s before he gets through four big boxes. And I'm REALLY hoping to get the 2-year-old potty trained before she finishes the one large box I bought for her in the Box Tops Catalina.




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New Super Target? Where on Mannheim? Their website is difficult to use when it comes to finding a store.

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