CVS Transaction: Made $4 Thanks to Crap I Didn't Need


Note: The deals in this post are good through store closing tonight.

Recently I was showing a friend how to make money and get free stuff at CVS. During that week, I got a couple packs of highlighters for free after a coupon, in order to boost my total up to $20 so I could use a $4/$20.

"Don't you end up getting a bunch of crap you don't need?" she asked.

Well, yes. But the crap always seems to find people who do need it. In that case, highlighters turned out to be on Nutmeg's new teacher's supply list, so I was able to score brownie points by sending in two packs.

This week, the crap I don't need includes panty liners. Not that these aren't useful, but I wasn't fresh out of them or anything. What I DID need was Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand lotion, which I was so out of a couple months ago that I broke down and bought a couple at full price. I mean, I had a coupon, but still.

Here's today's transaction:

3 16-packs Carefree liners     $11.37 (pays $11.37 ExtraBucks)

4 20-packs Kotex liners*           3.00 (buy one, get one at $1.50)

1 tube Neutrogena hand cream  3.29 (spend $15, get $5 ExtraBucks)


MINUS COUPONS                 - 4.00 $4/$20 pharmacy coupon

                                               3.00 three $1/1 Carefree Qs

                                               3.00 two $1.50/1 Kotex Qs (from inside Huggies pack)

                                               1.00 $1/1 Neutrogena from inside package


                                                $6.66, paid $6.98ECBs + 15 cents change

                                                 RECEIVED $11.37ECBs, will get another $5ECBs        when I buy 1 more Neutrogena -- $4.37 profit for now

Note that I accidentally failed to spend $20 on this purchase but the $4/$20 worked anyway. I think I was forgetting the Kotex were bogo, which rings up as only $1.50, not $3. I'm kind of bummed I didn't notice that because I have those .55/1 Reece's Qs to burn and could have used those to bring total up to $20. Also could have bought one more Carefree free after ECBs.

* with a Box Tops for Education on each box!



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Marketing Mommy said:


Rumor has it that the male brand managers for certain brands of pantiliners use them as shoe insoles. Odor and moisture absorbent!

Carrie Kirby said:


Alma, that's fantastic. I'll have to tell Grandma.

Resweater said:


I have a womens & children shelter near me, so I get all the disposable feminine products, baby items (my son is past anything baby), and any toiletries I can for free & give it to them. I also get any free pet stuff & donate it to a local shelter. It helps that those also boost my $ amount to use $ off coupons ;)

Carrie Kirby said:


Resweater That is awesome. I do some donating -- mostly to those who will pick up from me such as the Letter Carriers food drive once a year and the Girl Scouts. I mean to donate more but every time someone comes over I like to give away stuff to friends so it dwindles. I'm totally going to be able to give a big bag of school supplies tho.

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