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Tattoos: Happy Birthday April 13!


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

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I am still basking in the glow of my experience at the Florence show last night. The drunken fools in front of me who smelled like a bad Korean barbecue were lucky I was in a good mood, otherwise I would've kung-fu chopped their neither regions for coming very close to elbowing me in the head every two seconds.

Anywho we are here to celebrate - and not only is today my friend Faye's birthday - it is also Ricky Schroeder's. There are no tattoos of him that I could find and he has turned into a Republican nutbag to go along with the poster-child for Hitler's army look he's rocked so hard since his Silver Spoon days. Still, I loved that show - so I have to put something up in his honor:


Time to nurse this hangover - be back shortly with some awesome sewing/knitting-themed tats.



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ellobie said:

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What the heck? Where is the sewing/knitting post? :(

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