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Dear both of you who read this blog...just kidding, all four of you,

It may sadden you to hear this but I am hanging up my blogging tools for the moment here on ChicagoNow. Having a tattoo site is not easy to keep up when you've got a million other things to do (that actually pay the bills) and you don't want to get sued. When the going gets rough, get some lube and squeeze the hell out of there, that's what my grandma always told me.

It's been great having a spot to share with you - and give me an excuse to talk to different artists and those who have been drawn on. I'll still be talking to people about their ink, I just won't be handing out my card and telling them to send me pictures (dirty or otherwise). 

Until next time - stay rad and feel free to stalk me keep in touch on Facebook. Also, if you're in to queer lady pop culture & music, you can find my (usually) weekly podcast here.

Yours in whiskey,

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Tory said:


I'm so sad to hear you won't be blogging anymore! I'll still be sure to let you know if I'm getting any tattoos in Chicago anytime soon. Thanks for the great work!

Joe the Cop said:


I'm sorry to see you go!

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