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Mickey Goes Bang


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Nate contacted me about his Mickey tattoo, done by Ryan Nutini at Skin of a Different Color in Aurora, IL. 


Now, I've seen tattoos similar to this one before but never been able to ask the person, why? I think Nate's explanation is a great one:

Well it had been something I'd been considering getting for quite some time. Kind of stands for a perversion of the whole "happy, American/Disney dream"...You know...2.5 kids, house with a white picket fence, trophy wife, a nice 9-5 job, basic materialism.. (which is what Disney represents to me) etc. Sometimes behind that big shit eating grin something morbid is going on. Moreover I just thought it would be kind of weird and surreal. I plan on sleeving it out with the magic kingdom in flames behind Mickey and tubes running from Mickey's torso to an ice cube containing the frozen head of Walt Disney.

I cannot wait to see the rest of this when it's completed!

Dirty Projectors - Emblem Of The World
The XX - Basic Space
Pit Er Pat - Water
Jessica 6 - Fun Girl (Byzar Remix)



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Katherine Winfrey-King said:


You're right. Looking at it I thought it was crass, but the explanation was awesome and really insightful. He should tattoo the explanation on his arm too! You totally have to track this guy so we can see progress on the sleeve...

Mia said:


Yeah girl, I've asked him to keep in touch and send me any work in progress!

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