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Inmates Tattooing Their Eyes To Be Unique


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me


I just started watching old episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer so it didn't creep me out too much when I saw the following video of some crafty inmates who have decided to tattoo their eyeballs.

These guys are really entertaining. When producers asked the man seen below why he did this, his response was, "It's not a question of why, it's why not." Hmm, I could list the reasons but it doesn't seem like he wants to hear them. 

Some real gems of this video? This dude's cell mate who tattooed his eyes blue because he thought "black would be too scary" and because his eyes are blue and he thought the dark blue and light blue would go well together. Sounds like he always had dreams of being an interior designer but his plans were thwarted as soon as he got convicted of attempted murder. See kids, follow your dreams, not your homicidal tendencies.




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Eliza Siep said:



Fernando Diaz said:


the blue looks black. idiots.

Walter 'Bearstradamus' Brzeski said:


says there's a reason why they're in prison

Mia said:


Doesn't it seem like they're having way too good of a time in there? My friend was like, "They're the Lavergne and Shirley of Cell Block 6".

Message from Montie said:


Did we suddenly run out of color contacts? Do people not like their vision? When I first saw this blog linked on Facebook, I thought you were talking about eyelids and there are a bunch of rappers (ex. Lil' Wayne) who have tattoos around their eyes. I supposed it's not so surprising since the tear tattoo has always been dangerously close to the eyes, but I feel like if you want to have a "new look" in prison, color contacts do the same thing.

vbeeno said:

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Wow, thats incredible dude!


Joe the Cop said:


Thanks. I'll go to bed tonight knowing I'll always have job security.

Joe the Cop said:


"I'll say this, you have to be committed." No kidding. I've watched this video twice now, and I'm really glad they didn't show the actual process.

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