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Tattoo Pain Chart


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Please forgive me for what you are about to see (I can't stop staring at his junk for some reason). Out of everything I've gotten done, I can say that this chart is pretty accurate, so take note for when you plan out your next tattoo.

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jennkloc said:


WOW! I don't have any tattoos or any plans to get tattoos, but those pain descriptions SURE give me the heeby-jeebies anyway! Papercuts, blowtorches, being gnawed...yikes!

This is great, though, most of my friends are really vague about tattoo pain. "It doesn't hurt that bad!" or "It hurt a lot." But I've never heard anyone say, "It wasn't so bad, it was like a really deep papercut mixed with a mini blow torch. But it's not like I cried and passed out, so it's all good!"

Thanks for sharing :)

Tory said:


Seems pretty accurate to me. Wish you had covered the back too. I can only describe the feeling of my upper back tattoo as being cut with razor blades over and over. Thigh tattoo was no pain whatsoever though.

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