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Andy - Wisdom, Secret Societies and Protection


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Andy is a Southern gentleman to the core. At first glance, or even first conversation, you wouldn't necessarily think he was the type of guy to get excited about tattoos. Growing up in Ft. Worth, Texas, he says, you were considered either a biker or a gangbanger if you had tattoos. This is why it took him until the age of 30, when he was living in Chicago, to get his first.

Andy arm eye triangle

He was really nervous about getting something permanent (and isn't a fan of needles) but was put at ease by the artists at Tattoo Factory.
"The guy just said, 'I'm gonna do a real simple line and if you want to get up and leave after that, no problem.' Of course I stayed for the whole thing and now I'm addicted."

His first was the Eye in the Pyramid, a symbol of wisdom and protection, "Now it's everywhere thanks to Dan Brown," Andy said not too thrilled. Being a poly-sci minor, he took a lot of time out to study secret societies and groups that formed the government. He likes the symbol of the all-seeing eye and the numbers the groups used to communicate secretly with each other.

Since the first, he's wanted to get one done every year but due to the crappy economy has only been able to get four. His favorite is still being worked on but it's an adaptation that he's done of an Edward Gorey piece. It's the start of a thunderstorm, which as a kid in Ft. Worth he loved. "They were violent storms. They'd roll through and make everything clean."

Andy arm dots

What my picture doesn't show is that his tattoo is comprised of tons of tiny dots and lines; the intricacy of the tattoo is really impressive up close. This must be why he insists on going back to Tattoo Factory for all of his work. "I'm a pretty good artist but when you take in something you've got in mind, they make it ten times better. They've earned my trust."



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