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Sometimes Ugly Tattoos Happen


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

I've seen some pretty bad tats in my day - the one that never got finished because it was too painful, the cartoon shark holding a beer can and the occasional misspelling. Never have I seen anything quite as bad as what the folks over at have come across.

I'm talking upside-down bacon cross:

As a Jewish vegetarian I'm not really sure what to feel about this. It's funny to me - but I'd assume others might find it offensive?

There is also...get this...proof of a 2 Girls 1 Cup tattoo. The fact that a video like this is even available on the internet is enough, but to have it permanently marked on your skin? I think they should start making people bring in a psych evaluation before some of these tats are inked.

Have you seen any bad ink around the city? Do you have an absurd tattoo that you find hysterical but other people think you're a nutjob? Get in touch!



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jdroberts said:


Wow. Seriously, who gets tattoos like that? Disturbing.

David-Anthony Gonzalez said:


The tatt is ugly and strange, but ultimately, it's not on my body, so who cares? Right? Did anyone read that recent article about tattoos? I want to say it was in Details or GQ. The article went on about how sleeves and tattoos in general completed the edge of a person. For example, it completed Allen Iverson and Rodman, brandishing them bad boys. But now every no-name (cough - K-Fed) rocks a sleeve and a tatted neck, as if they're doing something. The article insisted we go au naturale, making the bare necessities a statement versus the extremes of tattooed eyelashes and tongues like goofballs Lil Wayne and The Game. I'm not sure about abstaining from ink all together, however, if I could mimic just one person who knows how to sport a tattoo, it'd be model and Kylie Minogue dancer, Marco Da Silva. Photo courtesy of Funbox.

David-Anthony Gonzalez said:


Lol! Did I say "tattooed eyelashes?" Lol.

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