Food Fight

Gay Fish

I scream. You  scream. We all scream for Gay Ice Cream!

In honor of marriage equality, Ben & Jerry's renamed "Chubby Hubby" to "Hubby Hubby." It's a flavor sure to give gay bashers a brain freeze.

Where are we as a country when an ice cream shop has to take a stand because the president has gone soft serve.

What happened to "Now is the Moment." What happened to "This is the Time." When did the "The Fierce Urgencey of Now" become the convenient timeframe of soon enough?

Oh well, if Barack & Joe won't serve up equality, in 2012 I'm voting for Ben & Jerry.
My brother Greg moved back from New York City when we first opened Joey's Brickhouse. On Sunday, as always, he'd get behind the bar and pour the staff free drinks.

It used to make me crazy. Looking back, it was a smart move. It helped him get to know the people we were lucky enough to have on staff. 

One Sunday, Randy came to the bar. He told Greg he was there to pick up his roommate, Scottie. 

Greg opened a beer, passed it across the bar and asked Randy why he called Scottie his roommate when it was clear they were boyfriends.

You have to understand this about my brother: at the time, he was fresh from 15 years on the east coast, so he was out of practice in the mid-western-art of minding your own damn business.

His honesty caught Randy off guard, which ended up being a good thing. Actually, it ended up being a great thing. They became friends. When our first general manager quit, Greg offered the job to Randy.

Without Randy, we wouldn't have made it. Without Randy, our first year in the restaurant business would have been our last. He calmed 2 crazed brothers in the hardest year of their adult life. 

He helped make sense out of the bar. He helped make sense out of the menu. 

He even helped make sense out of my east coast wannabe brother, who had a hard time shedding his edge. A very hard time.

Over time, with Randy's guidance, Joey's Brickhouse found an audience and my brother found a way to forgive himself for having to come home, and shed his east coast dreams.

On Sunday, Greg would get behind the bar. He'd open a beer and pass it across the bar. They'd talk about the week, as always. With one important difference, now Scottie was sitting comfortably in Randy's lap.

Just before he left, and took a big-time job in the bar business, Randy helped create my all-time favorite dish, here it is...


Marinate Tilapia in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Smashed Garlic, Cracked Pepper and Fresh Taragon for a Few Hours

Rub Tilapia with Joey's Special Dry Rub

Put Aside...

Take 2 Half Inch Rounds of Beefsteak Tomatoes topped with Crumbled Blue Cheese

In a Smoking Hot Saute Pan add a tablespoon of Canola, Dust Tilapia in Wondra and Pan Sear until Crispy

Take Fish & Beefsteak Tomatoes, put on a Sheet Pan and Bake for 10 Minutes

In the same Saute Pan that you Roasted the Fish, Saute Crimini Mushrooms, Sliced White Onions, Baby Spinach and Bean Sprouts

Serve with a Lemon and SQUEEZE!



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CHEERS! A great story that ends with a great ending! and a great receipe. I like the stories! History has a profound way of making sense!

Joey Morelli said:


Like history, my brother is profound.........NOT!

vinvegas said:


Great story Chef Joey. Thank you for the link to Obama's speach, "The Fierce Urgency of Now." I read it slowly, cuz I'm not so bright. I remember the inspiration and ferocity I felt durig the campaign evertime I listened to him. He was awesome.

As I read through the speach, I noted all of the promises that that have been left dangling like hanging chads. And in his own speach he criticized Dubya for his 2000 speaches when Dubya said whatever he needed to get elected. Wow. I feel stuck Groundhog's Day.

On thing in the speach that especially caught my attention; you got the name of this blog from Obama..."I’m running because I don’t want to wake up one morning four years from now, and turn on one of those cable talk shows, and see that Washington is still stuck in the same food fight it’s been in for over a decade."

Now that's briliant!

Joey Morelli said:


Amazing how once you get to the white house, you become the status quo. Everything slows down, and the need for change evaporates. Suddenly, the office is oval and the view of America is peachy keen.

Babs said:


love the interesting and different angles you find to write about topics that have been talked about and talked about! amazing that we are still having these discussions about Americans serving their country(don't ask don't tell) or getting married. How sad and backward this country is when it comes to sexuality! Isn't it the nutwing right that wants government out of our private business?

Joey Morelli said:


I don't know what the right wants. Power, I guess. Money, for sure. Control, like the Energizer Bunny, control that keeps going and going and going...

vinvegas said:


Just one thing I don't understand. Why does Randy, and other gays, get into committed relationships? I thought the whole advantage of being gay was wild and open sex on a constant and unrestricted basis.

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