Food Fight

My Forefather Can Beat Up Your Forefather

Monday starts the weekend for my family. 

After running the restaurant on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night, we're pooped.

On Sunday afternoon, in the sliver of time between brunch and dinner, we race south on 55 to Pulaski, just east of Midway Airport, and do a radio show called "Family Values with an Oy Vey."

In the 2nd hour of the show, Dad calls in. He does a rant we fondly refer to as Brutally Frank. 

By the time the show's over, he's asking how soon I can have it posted on Food Fight. 

To be Brutal, to be Frank: it takes 25 hours. Sorry for the delay. Here it is, Brutally Frank.

July 4th, 1776, our forefathers declared their independence from England, saying: "In the course of human events, sometimes it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another..."


What reason did our forefathers give for this separation? Their reason was this: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Our forefathers talked the talk, but did they walk the walk? Not really.


Many of our fore-fathers owned and slept with salves. 

Slavery had already been banned in England. Our forefathers were all money guys; land owners, they financed the war with bonds that were later paid back (with a nice profit) by taxing the people. They paid commoners, that's folks without money or property, to fight the war and promised these commoners land after the war was over, which they later traded for a few bucks. 

Yes, all men were created equal, except: poor-men, black-men, wo-men.

Now that they had formed a "More Perfect Union," and created a democracy where "We The People" would rule by majority, they had to figure out how to keep the commoners from getting their money. Not an easy task.


So they set up rules to control the government. 

No women could vote. That was an easy condition since woman never had the vote. Next, only land owners could vote. Of course, black folks never had a chance at a vote. Life was good for the rich, back in the beginning.

Over the years, We The People With A Conscience kept reading the declaration. You know, the part that says "All Men Are Created Equal," and things started to change. 

First came the civil war, and emancipation for black folks. Then came amendments to the constitution giving the vote to everyone, including wo-men. The money guys had a problem.


How could the money guys, who are less than 5% of the population, control the government so there is no sharing of the wealth? You know, haves and have nots: the way God meant it to be.


Heading into the 20th century, the money guys started to lose control. 

Teddy Roosevelt was a money guy that started many social as well as environmental programs. 

This was the beginning of a real democracy with social programs that any responsible democracy must institute.


After losing the Oval Office for 20 years, and getting a Social Security program rammed down their throat, the money guys figured out they had to form a coalition of single interest folks if they were going to win an election: gun guys, God guys, gay bashers. 

The crazies!


To be Brutal, to be Frank, if you are a Republican and your income is less than about $500,000 per year, you are one of the crazies that the money guys need to defeat any social program or regulation that makes it hard for them to make the millions they need to enjoy life. You guys are being used.

Remember, according to our forefathers: "In the course of human events, sometimes it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another..." Maybe it's time to dissolve. Ya think? 


Back to you, Greg.



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Brutally Frank said:


Hey-this guy is brilliant! Wait-this guy is me!

Greg Morelli said:


To be Brutal, to be Frank...brilliant is an understatement. Thank you for the brains, heart and most importantly, thank you for the hair.

scott said:

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Well written. Well researched. But....... you talk like a Republican. Talk to me like I'm a 5 year old. What is it you are trying to say?

Babs said:


Hey-that guy is HANDSOME!!

Scott must take the small bus!! The article is sooo clear! If you don't make at least $500,000 you can't be a Republican-you would almost always be voting against your own best interests!
Unless, of course, you like to gay bash, control what women do with their bodies, or love to stroke guns!

Greg Morelli said:


Stroke guns! Mom, you're starting to pick up on my jokes.

Joey Morelli said:


Scott used to sit between me & Sarah Palin on the small bus.

scott said:

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Babs, as an officer of the NRA I have a big gun for you to stroke.

Joey, didn't we have fun with Sarah. You are mistaken as to the positions. Sarah sat between you and me.

Greg, Babs can't make up her own jokes. She needs your help.

Joey Morelli said:


Ah, Sarah. She gave great abstinence!

vinvegas said:


Now that Kennedy has passed, I hear that Obama is going to switch parties. He's been waiting for this moment. The death of the last democrat. The game is over. He's just been treading water; waiting patiently. That's why he kept the war going and actually increased the fighting in Afganistan. That's why he's so soft on health care. That's why he never got rid of the off shore tax shelters like he said he would do the first days in office. (remeber, 225 U.S. huge companies call a tiny building in the Caymans their "headquaters" just to avoid paying U.S. taxes?)

That's why he gave the bankers everything they wanted and continues to follow Dubya's plans.

Obama is a Right Republican. And Frank, you have it wrong, only in one way. You must be a memeber of the Billion Dollar Boys Club to truly be in the PARTY. Everyone else is expendable.

To be brutal, to be vinvegas, it is time for a revolution. We have all been had vet again.

Greg Morelli said:


To be brutal, to be Frank's son, Barack is too much like Teddy...a schmoozer. He's the schmoozer-in-chief.

But we need leader, or we'll never get single payer, marriage equality and the end to bottomless pit spending in Afghanistan.

The Russians learned the hard way: Afghanistan cannot be beat, it can only be bought. It's certainly not where I'd buy. If you like sand, go to Martha's Vineyard.

I understand why Teddy had to get along with everyone. He drove a woman off a bridge. His name & money bought him freedom. It also bought him a seat in the senate.

He did good. No, he did great.

But in Teddy's life, the bridge was an unfortunate crossroad: it cost a young girl her life, it cost a young Kennedy the presidency, it cost him the ability to ever truly lead on his own terms.

Barack is currently in the very seat Teddy never got to sit in. Take advantage of it. Stop acting like a senator.

Please, Barack, please, Mister President, stop schooozing. Pretty please with Splenda on top.

I do it for a living at Joey's Brickhouse. Believe me, pretending like everybody is your friend gets old. Very old.

vinvegas said:


It wasn't Teddy's fault that Mary Jo couldn't hold her breath to save her life. So he came out of the water and realized he left his house key in the ignition and he went back down for them. If he had to knock on the door he woulda woke everyone.

Greg Morelli said:


Mary Jo got in the car. She was drunk, like Teddy. They both acted stupidly.

She lost her young life. He lost his privledged life.

That said, Teddy still made it to the senate, where he got single-payer health care, til 6AM this morning.

Like he should. Like we all should, until the last second of life, at whatever hour it comes. It's a right. A human right.

Babs said:


The Jews have a holiday called Yom Kippur-or the Day of Atonement where they go to temple and confess their sins for the year and ask for forgiveness. Chappaquidik became Teddy Kennedys Life of Atonement. I believe it saved his life from certain assasination and lead him to a life of thoughtful and important works for the good of our country. Love him or hate him, you have applaud his body of work for the needy and underpriviledged of our glorious USA.

Greg Morelli said:


Chappaquiddick saved Teddy from assassination. Wonder what it saved Mary Jo from...By the way, ever notice there's 2 asses in assassination? The shooter and Charlton Heston:

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