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Dad's Woodstock Flashback

Once a week, we do a two hour radio show called Family Values with an Oy Vey. 

Half way through the second hour of the show, my Dad calls. He does a rant called "Brutally Frank."

He's brutal. And his name is Frank. So coming up with the name of his rant didn't take a lot of effort. It only took me 41 years of being his son to finally understand my Dad's love comes with a left hook.

He's from the Bronx. Raised by immigrants. He made it all the way to Highland Park, the north shore of Chicago, where he raised his two meshuggener sons. 

He was trying to give us the best.

Like most things, it kinda worked, it kinda sucked. The north shore has incredible schools. But there's an epidemic of sameness. It's a lopsided trade off, like co-ops for the public option.

My Dad has been asking me to publish his Brutally Frank. I think he thought I was denying him his moment of glory by not posting it, with links and pictures, immediately after the show, each and every Sunday, since the very first second we started blogging on Food Fight.

The problem is, no matter what I think he thought, he will tell me I'm wrong. To be brutal, to be frank, my dad's a hard-ass. But he shouldn't have to ask me more than once. It only took me 41 years of being his son to finally give him a little something, after he's given me so much.

Here it is, Dad: BRUTALLY FRANK!

August 18th we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Actually, the event was held in Bethel, New York. But Woodstock was close and sounded better.

So the promoters went with Woodstock. Even hippy-truth-seekers know how to bend the truth to move their agenda forward. 

I have been listening to pundits all week describe Woodstock. I can tell most of them were not involved or not old enough to understand. 

The most accurate description came from John McCain. It was a quote from the 2007 primary. He said, "I understand it was a pharmaceutical event. But I wasn't there. I was tied up at the time."

To understand Woodstock, let me start by telling you what was going on in the lives of the folks that attended the event...


The year before, we lost Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King by assassination. We picked up Richard Millhouse Nixon as president of the U S of A.

Not a good year for the Love & Peace folks, time for some heavy drinking or, in those days, heavy drugging. Pot was the drug of choice. At Woodstock, you could get high from the fumes. 

What a country!

I did not go to Woodstock. I was busy moving into my new home with my 1.5 kids. I was in denial about the Viet Nam War, arguing with my younger sister about how we have to support our president and fight the good fight. Imagine that, a Democrat supporting a Republican President. Every time we get into another debate, she brings up the Viet Nam Thing, and I have to back off my position. 

You think she will ever forget? Probably not.

Thumbnail image for dad_getting_ready_to riff.JPG

So, was Woodstock a peace movement? A coming together of concerned citizens for a good cause? An end to an  unpopular war in Viet Nam? Or was it just a bunch of kids getting high, and listening to music? Or was it just a good idea for promoters to make a lot of money!

I believe it was a Wake, a good old fashion Irish Wake, to mourn the passing of RFK and MLK, our heroes. What we now call "closure."

To be Brutal, To be Frank, the kids were right to have a Wake. It was the death of an era of hope.

If we had not lost Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, things would have been different, much different, these past 40 years. Most important, we would have health care for all, and no Watergate or Trickle-down Economics.

So, let's not let this happen again. Let's back our new, great, black hope. Back him until it hurts.

Maybe I can finally be right when I argue with my sister and tell her we have to back our president and trust in his leadership. By the way, Nicolina, my younger sister, has become a Republican. She's an alumni of IBM, with great health care, money and a daughter who's becoming a doctor. Over the years, she lost her conscience. 

This seems to be the trend with Seniors. Back to you, Greg.


You can hear Brutally Frank live every Sunday on "Family Values with an Oy Vey."



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Babs said:


Where is Sarah Silverman when we need her? Where are all you youngsters when you need each other? Woodstock was a wonderful footnote of the 1960's. We need you guys to do what you did to elect Obama, and get to work with outrage and phone calls, and get this country, and you young ones, especially, the healthcare that will help this country stay great! Us selfish seniors have wonderful health care-it's called Medicare! MEDICARE FOR ALL, IT'S A SHOVEL READY PROGRAM! (heard that on Tom Hartman wcpt 820). Then after we get this Public Option, you guys can have another Woodstock moment and celebrate!

Greg Morelli said:


Once we get The Public Option, I'm wondering, Mom...will you go to Woodstock with me and celebrate over a bong hit?

Babs said:


you betcha!!!

Joey Morelli said:


Sarah Silverman gave us The Great Schlep. Maybe she can get us over anti-Public Option Meshuggeners.

Ah, Jewish I love thee!

scott said:

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Frank, excellant report on Woodstock. One of your best rants.
HOWEVER, YOU HAVE A GRAMATICAL ERROR!!! Nicolina is an alumnus. Alumni is plural (Unless she is big enough to be 2 people.) I gave a previous comment earlier today when I asked Greg to name the fools who are lying to the public. We have to make the public aware of the lies and deceits coming from the far right. The educated youth helped elect our president. Lets get them on the bandwagon to speak out about the racist who continue to use Chaney/Rove scare tactics.

Greg Morelli said:


alumni should be alumnus. chaney should be cheney. racist should be jerome corsi.

jerome corsi created swift boat veterans for truth, which was a deceitful lie about john kerry. jerome corsi created the birther movement, which is a dangerous lie about president obama.

all deceit and lies point back to jerome corsi. by the way, gramatical should be grammatical.

scott said:

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You should have spell check for Comments

Tap Duncan said:

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Has anyone ever told your dad he sounds just like Uncle Leo on Seinfeld? Because he does!!!

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