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Bye Teddy. And Thanks.

8:31 AM Wednesday, Mom texted: "I am so sad about the loss of Ted Kennedy. I voted for Bobby. I watched Ted atone for his sins."


I'm starting this blog on purpose with a sad note from Mom. Can't imagine what it would be like for her to lose a child to a gunman.

10:27 AM Wednesday, Joey texted: "86 Ted Kennedy." For those of you who don't know the restaurant business, 86 means "Gone, Done, Kaput."

My brother wasn't trying to be a smart-aleck. He was texting. He was using short hand to convey sadness. Honestly, the very next thing he said was this :(

Don't know how I would survive if I lost my brother to a gunman. The loss would be shattering. Watching my parents crumble would be unimaginable.


Teddy did this. He watched his brothers die at the hand of a gunman. He watched his parents crumble. Then he drove off a bridge. 

He took a life. But for some damn reason, the life he took wasn't his own. He made it to the surface. Teddy was re-born. Me, I wouldn't want a re-birth. Me, I'd want to drown.

But I'm selfish.

All week, I've been trying to write something meaningful about what Teddy meant to America. Like so many things in my life, I failed. I wrote. Hated it. Re-wrote. Hated it even more. Procrastinated by doing a blog about orgasms. Got turned on. Jerked off. Gave up on being meaningful.

3:43 PM Sunday, Dad wrote. It wasn't a text. It was Brutally Frank.

Kathie Lee Gifford, who was a co-host with Regis Philbin for 15 years, once said her husband, Frank Gifford, was  "A good man who did a bad thing." She was wrong.

Frank Gifford was caught with an airline stewardess in a hotel room. They were not engaged in career counseling. The stewardess was paid over $100 Thousand Dollars for the seduction by a tabloid.

I think Frank was a good man who did a risky thing, a good man who did an understandable thing, a good man who did a stupid thing. Actually, I have never seen the sweet, young stewardess. But I have seen Kathie Lee. So I might change my mind about the stupid thing.


Teddy Kennedy left a party in Chappaquiddick to do a similar thing with Mary Jo Kopechne. They didn't make it to the hotel room. They didn't make it across the bridge. Teddy left the scene of a fatal accident. 

Now that's a good man who did a bad thing.

kennedy brothers.jpg

There were 4 Kennedy brothers: Joe, Jack, Bobby and Teddy. We never got to know Joe. In WWII, he gave his life for his country. He was 29. We got to see a little bit of Jack as a senator and president before he gave his life for his country. He was 46. We saw more of Bobby working with Jack in the white house and as a senator before he gave his life for his country. He was 42. Over the years, we have seen a whole lot of Teddy. Of the 4 brothers, he is the only one who didn't give his life for his country. Teddy died like you're supposed to die, because it's time. He was 77.

Teddy Kennedy was elected to the senate when he was 31. He got there on family money. He got there on "spend whatever and win at any cost" money. He was not elected for his accomplishments. He was not elected for his intellect. He was a party boy whose family bought him a cushy job.

Teddy was happy representing the good people of the great state of Massachusetts. 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for greetings_from_mass.jpg

The good people of the great state of Massachusetts were happy being represented by Teddy. 

They elected him 8 times, through thick & thin, for better & worse, till death did they part. 

Sometimes elections, like vows, are beautiful.

After Chappaquiddick, and a failed run at the presidency, "Teddy the Party Boy" grew up. He became "Edward the Senator," giving his state, and his country, 20 years of role model leadership. I won't bore you with his accomplishments. But I will say this: it is agreed he was one of the best by the left, and rational right.

To be Brutal, to be Frank, I often wonder how Edward got through the days after he did that bad thing at Chappaquiddick. 


I know he tried booze. I know he sought penance in his work. But I doubt he ever got rid of the dreams. He did the crime. Unfortunately, he never did the time.

Rest in peace, Edward. If there is a God, he does forgive you. Right now, he's the only one that counts. Back to you, Greg.



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vinvegas said:


So, procrastinate and jerked off and never wrote about Teddy. I waited all week for your take on the death of the bear. The last democrat has died and you offer me silence? Is this a moment of silence? Should I bow my head?

Atleast we have Frank. Nice summation, but where is the analysis and insight that I'm accustomed to? Maybe I need to get Dick on you guys with his "enhanced interrogation techniques that were absolutely essential in saving thousands of American lives."

As we all know, Johnson had JFK killed. He gave the ordes to a trusted group of elite CIA guys. Bang. He became the President. The same group also did Bobby in. Now, at the CIA probe starts in on the torture crimes, Dick knows only one thing to do, kill a Kennedy. Only one guy left, so the did Teddy in. It will come out. They poisoned him somehow. you'll see. It was Dick Cheyene. What, you don't remember that Bush Sr. was a top guy in the CIA back when JFK was killed? And where was the Dick? Right there. It all comes back around.

Greg Morelli said:


The thought of you bowing your head make me want to jerk off again.

vinvegas said:


As this blog always seems to find itself slidding into sexual talk, I will jump in there with you foodfighter. I heard from a reliable news source earlier today that Teddy had an affair with Rosa Parks. "era, Rosa, my daling, I'm, era, going to release the golden Kennedy sauce on your, era, face."

Greg Morelli said:


Hey Now!

vinvegas said:


Does anyone think that they killed JFK Jr.? A plane crash. C'mon. That reminds me of Senator Paul Wellstone. They cut him down before he could begin. Ted was sure to get the health care plan through. It was his plan to begin with. They had to end it now. Sure he had health issues. At least he had health care. they couldn't take HIS health care away. I smell conspiracy.

Greg Morelli said:


Cancer is the new magic bullet. By the way, what does conspiracy smell like? Always wondered.

Babs said:


Is there something in the water in Florida? You now have 2 guys you went to college with who beleive in all these nutty conspiracies! One guy always was alittle nutty-one guy I can't believe! I'll let you decide which one! RIP, Teddy!

Greg Morelli said:


Hmmm, let's see. One bet the house a rock 'n roll band named Gumption Trap. One built a house on a law degree.

One guy married a world class brat. One guy married a kickass chick. One thinks aliens are real. One thinks aliens are real funny.

Both went to The University of Florida. The only thing they really have in common is bad taste: one in singers, one in loft-mates with itchy feet.

If there is peace in death, cuz there certainly is no peace in life, may you find it, Teddy.

Americanintel said:

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Great Brank-one of his best! Good Blog! When Greg sticks to RATIONAL political commentary he's on. I wouldn't want him on point on patrol in Afganistan though. He'd see one of these and scream contact left enemy with a 50 cal
80 meters ahead!!!!!! After making a mistake like Kennedy made most folks would have fell into a life long alchoholic stuper, and rightfully so. He managed to get a lot of important legislation passed. One was the disabilities act that mandated handicap access to all buildings in the US. This was great for disabled folks and as an added bonus Kennedy didn't have to crawl up any steps after a night out. He had a nice little ramp (better on the knees). All and all not a bad guy that Kennedy. From one drunken Irishmen to another heres a song to you Teddy!


Greg Morelli said:


I'd be lousy on patrol in Afghanistan. Just like I'm lousy at being rational.

vinvegas said:


Babs, there is something in the water. And it does involve a conspiracy. The government puts fluoride in the water for mind control.

Greg Morelli said:


It's not enough they want to control us. They want us to have pretty teeth. Jerks!

vinvegas said:


How else could Dubya ever been elected? And then elected again? How else does Adam Sandler keep having hit movies? How come the poor masses that makie up 95% of the populace don't revolt? How else would Paris Hilton be a star; not to mention David Hassleback? Conspiracies? Yes. True? Obviously.

Greg Morelli said:


Dubya won. Dubya won twice. Adam Sandler was "The Wedding Singer," so back off. Revolting is hard work, 95% of the populace would rather blog. You can blog sitting down.

As for Paris Hilton & David Hassleback, one can only hope their fame will discourage families from sending their children to Tisch School of the Arts.

Brutally Frank said:


Try reading the blogs and commenting on the content. To be brutal, to be Frank, the comments all stink.

Greg Morelli said:


To be Brutal, to be Frank: you stink. No, not really. Like 8Andy said above, this is one of your best rants. But when it comes to blogging, you can't control comments.

On Food Fight, we treat comments like we're running a town hall meetings. Things go where they want to go. Besides, haven't you noticed, it's more fun when things derail.

Freedom of speech is supposed to be messy. Unlike the right to bear arms, which seems to be a right we're not adult enough to handle.

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