Food Fight


The Community Organizer In Chief has started a much needed trend in America, bringing different groups of people together with widely varying beliefs to find common ground, and drink beer.


True, not every group is as attractive as the bloggers at
Last Thursday, my brother and I hosted a party at Joey's Brickhouse. We host a lot of parties. It's part of running a restaurant. Not every party has the feeling of a community coming together. But this party did.

As newspapers shrink, as print media turns into unread brochures, as Fox News pretends to be news, the beat has shifted from a newsroom staffed with over-celebrated-insiders into what it was always meant to be, a place for people with guts to re-discover the truth.


The truth is The Birther Movement was created by Jerome Corsi, the same liar who created Swift Boat Veterans For Truth; the truth is gay-marriage is as hateful as inter-racial-marriage and it's time for America to embrace marriage equality as a constitutional right; the truth is health care isn't a business opportunity for sadistic entrepreneurs who mine sickness for wealth, health care is a human right.

Have I re-discovered the truth? Yes. Or as they say in the improv community, "Yes And."


Every now and then you need to sit across the bar from someone you admire, and buy him a drink. Every now and then you need to sit across the bar from someone you can't stand, and buy him a drink. Every now and then you need to sit across the bar from a cop who busted your balls, and let him buy his own damn drink.


This is the beginning of something great. How do I know? Because I can feel it, like music.



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Babs said:


I am truly enjoying reading some of the bloggers at chicagonow. After 40 years of reading a newspaper each and every morning with my morning coffee, I am sad and disgusted with the way the newspaper business has gone. My Trib has gone from many sections to about 2 and the new format isn't terrific! I am beginning to read alot of stuff on the internet, like you young folks do, and am beginning to like it! Like Huffington Post. Like Chicagonow. Keep up the good work, y'all,

Teresa Puente said:


Thanks for the shout out and the blogger party.

Megan Cottrell said:


Oh! I just saw this now. We had the best time at your place! Thanks for hosting and for all the deliciousness. Can't wait to do it again.

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