First and Big Ten

Ten by Ten Contest

(due by NOON ET Saturday, November 21, 2009)

1. Predict the winner: Ohio State at Michigan
2. Predict the winner: Minnesota at Iowa
3. Predict the winner: Penn State at Michigan State
4. Predict the winner: Wisconsin at Northwestern
5. Predict the winner: Purdue at Indiana
6. Which total will be higher: Terrelle Pryor's total touchdowns or Michigan's total turnovers?
7. Which total will be higher: Daryll Clark's total yards passing or the combined total yards receiving for Keith Smith and Tandon Doss?
8. How many players from this group will have at least one touchdown: Marvin McNutt, Brandon Minor, John Clay, Blair White and Kirk Cousins?
9. Rank the following schools by total yards on kickoff returns this week: Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern
10. How many Big Ten games will be decided by 7 points or less?

TIE-BREAKER:  How many points will be scored in the five Big Ten games this week?

All submissions must be e-mailed to and received by Saturday, November 21 at NOON. ET.  Please be sure to include your name!


Ten by Ten is part picking contest and part fantasy football.

Each week you will be asked to answer ten questions on the upcoming weekend of Big Ten Football.

There will be some questions asking you to predict games and some questions that will ask you to predict the performance of players, teams, coaches, or anything else we can think of.

After you make your picks, e-mail them to us by Saturday at 7 a.m. ET to be entered. That's it. Simple.

So what's the point, you ask?

Each week you will not only be competing against all the other entries, but you will also be competing against First and Big Ten writers Kristofer Green, Kevin Paul, and Tim Cary.

If you can top our trio and all the other entries--YOU WIN!

Now here's what makes Ten by Ten so special.

The winner from each week will join Kristofer, Kevin, and Tim as a guest picker for the next week's contest and be featured on First and Big Ten.

The scores will accumulate through the entire season on the Ten by Ten page of First and Big Ten. The person with the highest score at the end of the season will be named The Official First and Big Ten Genius for 2009. (And, as if that title wasn't enough, we'll also throw some prizes your way.)

Sounds like fun, right?

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