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Ten By Ten: Mike Greenspire And Our Trio Make Their Picks

Tim Cary

As Ten by Ten winds down, we reach a big rivalry weekend with Ohio State-Michigan and Purdue-Indiana among Saturday's matchups. Week 11 winner Mike Greenspire adds his picks, along with Tim, Kristofer, and Kevin...

1. Predict the winner: Ohio State at Michigan
TC: Ohio State
KG: Ohio State
KP: Ohio State
Mike: Ohio State

2. Predict the winner: Minnesota at Iowa
TC: Iowa
KG: Iowa
KP: Iowa
Mike: Iowa

3. Predict the winner: Penn State at Michigan State
TC: Penn State
KG: Michigan State
KP: Penn State
Mike: Michigan State

4. Predict the winner: Wisconsin at Northwestern
TC: Wisconsin
KG: Wisconsin
KP: Wisconsin
Mike: Wisconsin

5. Predict the winner: Purdue at Indiana
TC: Indiana
KG: Purdue
KP: Indiana
Mike: Purdue

6. Which total will be higher: Terrelle Pryor's total touchdowns or Michigan's total turnovers?
TC: Pryor touchdowns
KG: Pryor touchdowns
KP: Michigan turnovers
Mike: Michigan turnovers

7. Which total will be higher: Daryll Clark's total yards passing or the combined total yards receiving for Keith Smith and Tandon Doss?
TC: Clark passing yards
KG: Clark passing yards
KP: Smith/Doss receiving yards
Mike: Smith/Doss receiving yards

8. How many players from this group will have at least one touchdown: Marvin McNutt, Brandon Minor, John Clay, Blair White and Kirk Cousins?
TC: three
KG: three
KP: four
Mike: five

9. Rank the following schools by total yards on kickoff returns this week: Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern
TC: Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern
KG: Ohio State, Northwestern, Penn State
KP: Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern
Mike: Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern

10. How many Big Ten games will be decided by 7 points or less?
TC: three
KG: three
KP: three
Mike: three

TIE-BREAKER:  How many points will be scored in the five Big Ten games this week?

TC: 264
KG: 225
KP: 200
Mike: ?



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jdroberts said:


Seems like you guys have the wrong impression about Northwestern. Go Cats!

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