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Handpicked Highlights: August 8

Tim Cary

If you need a few stories and links to get you through one of the last Saturdays without football, FBT has you covered.

Without further ado...

Tim Brewster doesn't want his players getting too comfortable.  This Star Tribune story quotes the Gophers' coach as saying, "I want our know he is the guy.  Across the board, the rest of our team, I want them to feel like they're walking on eggshells a little bit, knowing every day you have to compete your butt off to win a place on this team."
CFB: Minnesota vs Purdue OCT 25
Nice sentiments...although we're assuming Eric Decker can feel relatively secure about his starting position too.  Just saying...

Jay Paterno's showing off the playbook.  The Nittany Lions' quarterbacks coach gave his Twitter followers a peek inside how a play is diagrammed with 21st-century technology. 

We're assuming he hasn't communicated this to his legendary father, who (as alertly points out) apparently still draws plays on hotel tablecloths

Rose Bowl past its prime? Mike Dockery of Bleacher Report seems to think so.  Of course, he also refers to the Big Ten and Pac-10 as the "two worst major conferences in the country".  What about all those Big East teams in the Top 25, Mike?

Illini trying to sort out running back position.  Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune profiles the four returning ballcarriers in Champaign.  Of course, as Ryan puts it, "being the best running back with dual-threat quarterback Juice Williams at the helm is a little like what starring as the lead backup dancer in a Michael Jackson video must have been like.  No matter how dazzling the spins, the chances are you will be upstaged."
CFB: Ohio State vs Illinois Nov 15
Agreed.  Since Williams rushed for over 700 yards a year ago and is back for more, any other contributions Illinois gets on the ground this fall will just be the cherry on top of the sundae.

Who's on top?  Bleacher Report's Kevin Trahan published his preseason power rankings this week.  I doubt Penn State fans will be happy with his conclusions.

That's it for today's Handpicked Highlights.  Don't forget, you can send in stories or links on Twitter - just follow us at @FirstandBigTen!    



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