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Breaking News: Michigan Players Blow Whistle On Football Program

Tim Cary

In a story that could have major ramifications throughout Ann Arbor, the Big Ten, and the country, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Michigan football program has ignored and/or broken NCAA rules that legislate the number and duration of approved workouts.

Michigan has the country's all-time winningest football program, and the accusations are sure to send shock waves all the way from Michigan to NCAA headquarters.

The detailed Free Press story by writers Michael Rosenberg and Mark Snyder has statements from six current or former players who claimed the Wolverines' coaching staff made demands on the players' time that greatly exceeded NCAA limits.

Rodriguez made a statement to the newspaper that "we follow the rules and have always been completely committed to being compliant with all NCAA rules."
Michigan Wolverines v Notre Dame Fighting Irish
While many programs are probably guilty of breaking certain rules knowingly or unknowingly, due to the myriad of rules and the many gray areas where teams would rather "ask forgiveness than permission", actual stories of players admitting to their school's violations are few and far between.

And the guess here is that Michigan's in some serious trouble.

(Special recognition to, where we first noticed the link to the Free Press story this evening.)




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andy247 said:

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This is a NON STORY. No actual proof by Rosenberg. He has been a Rodriguez hater for since Day 1. He has a personal vendetta.

UM's program is clean as a whistle. Trust me.

Tim Cary said:


Thanks for the comment, Andy. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out. Like I wrote, I'm guessing if there are any violations at Michigan, it's not the only place. However, the fact that the Free Press broke the story means Ann Arbor is where the NCAA will be looking.

And for a program that's never been found guilty of a major football rules violations...some nervous days are ahead.

jim said:

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yeah andy Rosenberg sounds like he just hated on Dickrod...

December 17, 2007

"Michigan hired a great football coach Sunday. Not a good one, like Greg Schiano. Not a very good one, like Les Miles. A great one.

Rich Rodriguez fits Michigan's most fundamental criteria: He is a proven head coach from a major conference, he is young enough (44) to potentially stay in Ann Arbor for 15 to 20 years, and he has recruited the Midwest. For the Michigan football fan who has complained incessantly for the last 10 years, Rodriguez might as well show up at this morning's news conference dressed in wrapping paper and a bow.

Spy vs. Spy said:

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I agree that this is a "NON ISSUE", but for different reasons.

Even if UM is found guilty of water boarding the NCAA takes a limp wrist approach when handling the Michigans & Notre Dames of college sport. Look at the Michigan hoops program which was one of the most corrupt programs in NCAA history & how the NCAA dealt with them. Michigan made the NCAA look like a laughing stock with their lack of cooperation only to have the NCAA reward them with a slap on the wrist - and then REDUCE their probation a few tears later. Any other program would have been given the death penalty.

Sadly, that's how the NCAA works, plain & simple.

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