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In October 2009, new Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood (formerly of Illinois's 18th congressional district) gave a concise definition of Livability:  "If you don't want an automobile, you don't have to have one." Chicago is a great city, but by this definition, a lot of it fails to be livable.  By improving and increasing things like walkable neighborhoods, bus rapid transit, bike-sharing, or any number of other concepts aside from simply "making the L better," we can make Chicago a more complete city.

Ted Rosenbaum and Scott Hymen will be doing the posting, but we hope to hear from you--both when we're right and when we're wrong.  Formally educated in Mechanical Engineering and International Affairs, respectively, we'll be bringing the rigor those disciplines require to help Elevate Chicago.

Questions? Comments? Tips? Email us here, or follow us on twitter, @ElevChicago

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