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Simple Healthy Grocery List with Instructions

Sometimes you need some inspiration or new ideas for dinner.  Today, I felt like I needed a grocery list created by someone else.  The best person for that job?  My sister, Lauren, contributor for Wine and Food Travel

She's the goat-lovin' farm-type, all artisan-focused, organic-minded, creative with the kale, grainy, grow your own veggies, dessert expert extraordinaire (she is the mastermind and cook behind the dessert menu for Central Kitchen in Cambridge, MA), food admirer that knows how to confit stuff and roast a veggie better than anyone I know. 

So, I emailed:  send me a grocery list and tell me what to do with the stuff I buy.  Although she didn't use proper punctuation or capitalize a darn thing, I'm posting her email because you may want to head to your favorite market this afternoon.  

i just went to the market and bought this:

dried french lentils- i'll cook them with chorizo, onions, garlic and  
veg stock.  eat it with toast or a poached egg on top.  or both. I'll  
probably add the fennel bulb to the lentils as they cook.  also,  
bought cilantro and scallions to add, should i need some greenery on  

lasagne noodles- can of crushed toms, fresh basil, dry mozz.  um,  
lasagne, duh. no ricotta.  just will fill with veg (kale, spin, broc,  
carrots), also, I have fresh buffalo meat from my chef, may add that)

pizza dough- fresh mozz and basil, crushed toms.

tons of greens for quick salads. (arugula and herb/spring mixes are  
my faves.  arugula with thick sliced parm and salad dressing (see  
below) is the perfect side salad (or pizza topper or breakfast salad  
with an egg or sandwich insides)

dried pearl barley- i'll cook this up with lots of onions and garlic,  
thyme and veg stock, then will leave it cold in the fridge. I'll add  
to salads, reheat for starch whenever desired.  yummy.

little red potatoes- really little ones, roast or boil, will eat with  
fennel greens (looks and acts like dill) and creme fraiche and  
scallions.  warm or cold.

avocados- for on toast, for salads, for spoons and salt.

hot dogs- b/c i've  been talking about wanting one for 2 months.

shallots- b/c when combined with white balsamic and a nice olive oil,  
there's no better salad dressing.

anchovy fillets- b/c w the salad, the potatoes, the's all  
more delicious with anchovies.

strawberries- b/c while it definitely isn't the season yet, there was  
a stamp on the package that said "socially accountable employer" and  
i a sucker for that stuff.

haricot vert- skinny green beans are awesome with the potatoes or in  
salad, or just with a poached egg for breakfast.

navy beans- i like having beans like these around.  for adding to  
pastas, to soups, to wraps, making hummus-like dip out of.

really nice sliced wheat bread from local baker.  love this bakery  
and when sliced, super easy for avocado toasts and what not.

Also, i almost went to the fish market b/c i've been dying for clams  
lately- shallot, clams, chorizo, parsley and water for cooking/broth.

and, pan seared white fish, and white fish poached in leek/fennel/
black peppercorn/lemon juice broth, then served soup-like, is the  
bestest ever.

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gwill said:


As a dude that knows nothing about food or cooking or cooking food or how food and cooking go together, this is actually a very helpful email.

EatRightAroundChicago said:


That's great! Honestly, it was helpful to me too...I cooked up some barley and even bought the hotdogs. :)

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