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10 Winter Workout Tips

If you're trying to lose weight, you are faced with an additional hurdle:  the winter weather.  What's a "dieter" to do?!?!  We are amidst a blustering winter day here in Chicago and the thought leaving the apartment, never mind putting on running sneaks, sounds nutty.  Here are my tips on what to do:  

(I first published this in the winter of 2009, but I'm getting requests, so I re-posted it.) 



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Heather Wasklewicz said:

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Great advice but I'd like to recommend Stabilicers Sports ice cleats as an additional recommendation for traction gear. The Sports are designed for runners - lightweight, durable, replaceable cleats for added value and made in Maine so you can feel good about local quality. However, whatever brand / style you go with being safe out there on ice and snow is what matters - definitely take care to prevent slips and falls.

Heather Wasklewicz said:

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Oh, last thing: They don't take themselves too seriously! Here is a fun video they made about running on snow in ice cleats

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