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10 Reasons to Go OM

I have sporadically done Baptiste Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga over the years.  Both of these types of yoga (sometimes called Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga) are considered a type of "flow" yoga.  They are physically demanding, push strength and balance, and make you sweat like cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.  Although I struggle through each class, I need it and I keep going back.  There were many reasons why I started back to yoga at Om on...

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thoughtsbybeth said:


I need yoga for my sanity. It is hard, but I keep going back too. I've been to many studios in the city but have never tried Om on the Range. I know where it is because my kids took a music class in the building. I am going to try a class there soon.

EatRightAroundChicago said:


That is another great reason! You'll love Om on the Range...Beth and Terry are wonderful and it's a friendly place with top notch instructors. I love it...even when the person next to me has their leg wrapped around their head while balancing on one foot when I'm working hard to touch my toes. :)

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