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Does your Food Label Lie?

"Does this Label Make my  Butt Look Fat?" asked Julie Upton, MS, RD in her blog on Appetite For Health.  As a registered dietitian she has learned from clients that the food label can be tricky and unclear.  And we know that "tricky and unclear" often leads to over-consumption and subsequently (along with a fair amount of sedentary living), a bigger butt (or belly or face or where ever you tend to gain weight).  In her blog, Julie gave her...

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Ruby said:

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Unfortunately, this article is slim on details. These are sensible first-steps, but there are a lot more things hiding in labels. "Hydrolyzed Soy Protein" "Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil" are just a couple things that confound most people. Did you know that the former is just a code-word for MSG? This would be the kind of information I'd like to find in an article about the lies in food labels.

EatRightAroundChicago said:


Thanks for your comment! Yes, reviewing the ingredient list is an important way to understand what you are eating. Check out Bonnie's provides all the details you may be looking for!

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