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Is your snack making you fat?

I've always questioned the notion of grazing, snacking or eating 5-6 small meals a day.  It seems like a recipe for diet disaster to me...eating every 2 hours, dreading the idea of getting hungry and proactively munching on something to avoid overindulging.  Not only do I find snacks unnecessary (unless I'm training everyday), I don't trust myself to modify my calories at a subsequent meal.  For example, if I enjoy an afternoon snack that has 250 calories, realistically, I know...

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Clean Convenient Cuisine said:


As Americans, we definitely don't eat the right foods (or snack on them). And it's interesting, that in Europe people don't snack and their obesity rates are non-existent. However, it doesn't have to do so much with snacking or not snacking, it's about the quality of the foods we're eating. If we reach for raw almonds and fruit for a snack instead of a muffin, we are doing ourselves a favor. However, a lot of people's problems lie in the fact that they DON'T eat enough. They skip breakfast, have a giant lunch and eat a puny dinner. Our bodies are designed to eat frequently, thanks to that fat storage mechanism our ancestors passed down (and a mechanism that we don't need, as we are never without food). When we go too long, our bodies go into fat storage mode. This CAN actually happen after 3 or 4 hours, which seems impossible in our day and age - but it does. Instead of thinking of them as snacks, I like to think of having a mid-morning meal or an afternoon meal. Eating every 3 to 3.5 hours keeps the blood sugar stable as well, which is another problem in today's society (due to the prevalence of type II diabetes). We just need to start paying attention to what we eat and when! And like you said, seeing if we are truly hungry instead of just bored.

Great post!!

EatRightAroundChicago said:


How great are you for the thoughtful comment?!

You are right...we need to reach for the foods that are good for us a little more often than those that are belly fill.

Funny you brought up the's mid-afternoon and I'm bored.

Thanks for reading!!!

Clean Convenient Cuisine said:


Ha! Me too! I am looking around asking myself what I can eat. I had cashews and an apple and that's not cutting it. :) I really enjoy your posts!!

FatNSassy said:

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Who cares. The truth is if we spent less time on weight obsession and more time on education, we would not be the rapidly sinking society we are today. Fatness is a part of modern life, get over it. And European obesity rates are NOT nonexistent! Several countries like the U.K. and Germany are experiencing the same moral panic over fatness as the U.S. Australia (not in Europe) is now the world's fattest nation with the second best longevity!

jennifersy976 said:


In some other way that can be also consider that our snack can make us fat, but we have also to do some selection on what time of food that we will consume during snack time. If you don't want to become fat then try to choose those snacks that is a healthy one.

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