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Have a Guilt-Free Halloween!

In case you haven't heard, childhood obesity is out of control in this country.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 16.9% of all kids are obese in the US.  Among 6-11 year olds, 19.6% are obese (up from 6.5% in 1976-1980).  Ugh, that sounds like the age of the plastic-masked trick or treaters that will be knocking on your door for Halloween this year.  As for the other costumed tikes, obesity rates have risen over the years as well. ...

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Chef Kyle the RD said:

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I love this! Finally people realizing that giving candy and junk to an already overweight generation is a bad idea. The sad thing is you cannot even give fresh fruit to kids because there is a possibility that it may have a razor blade inside...but maybe I'm the only one who associates fresh fruit, homemade snacks, and other non-processed foods with adulterated foods.

Your idea of encouraging fitness is certainly smart...I wish I had thought of it.


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