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Guilty Food Pleasures

Sure, all foods can fit in your diet.  You're right, you shouldn't feel emotional guilt about what you put in your mouth.  Feel guilty if you purposely run over your neighbor's cat, but don't waste those feelings on food and nutrition.  We should eat until we are satiated...balance our calories with our activity...consume a variety of foods...all in moderation.  That said, sometimes we must stray.  We must go wild.  We adore some foods that provide us very little nutritional value,...

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IntuitiveRD said:

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I am a dietitian too and I would just like to add cheesecake to the list of guilty pleasures! My husband often teases me when I eat a guilty pleasure and threatens to video me and put it on YouTube labeled Dietitians Gone Wild! Thanks for the fun post!

EatRightAroundChicago said:


Love it!

That is very funny and could also be called, "Dietitians are People, Too!".

Thanks for reading!

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