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About Dr. Carrie

Hi! I'm Dr. Carrie, a family physician and mother of three young men.  I've been practicing in the Chicago area for going on 20 years now and hope you enjoy my comments and insights about many things health related.  I'm also the developer of Dr. Carrie's Healthy Snacks!

My current position is as Medical Director for Your Healthcare Plus, an Illinois Medicaid program focused on improving the health of some of our most challenged fellow citizens.  In the rest of my waking hours, I serve as Second Vice President for the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, President of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago and Chair of Project Patient Care (PPC).  PPC is a particular pet project of mine and serves the goal of improving both the quality and safety of the healthcare system in the greater Chicago area.  A portion of the proceeds of Dr. Carrie's Health Snacks goes to supporting PPC, which served as my main impetus for turning my homemade goodies into a business.

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