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Take Your Hunger Temperature Before You Eat

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I'm back! Took a little break--went on a wonderful trip to the tropics and am busy making the rounds of holiday parties.  Last night I made this really wonderful baked brie topped with cranberry relish and nuts, then there were those outstanding stuffed mushrooms my neighbor made... then came dessert.  But before I started singing this new take on a Colbie Caillet song, I remembered to be mindful with my eating like Dr. Michelle May tells us.  


At last night's progressive dinner, I took a moment to remember how yucky I felt after that large plate of post-Thanksgiving dinner desert.  So this time I paced myself. Yes, I enjoyed the first two courses in moderation then took little dip into the chocolate fondue but stopped before the pain of abdominal distension took hold.  


I reflected instead on Dr. May's Hunger and Fullness Scale.  It's like a way of taking your hunger temperature.  According to this scale:

1 = Ravenous

2= Starving

3= Hungry

4 = Pangs

5 = Satisfied

6 = Full

7 = Very full

8 = Discomfort

9 = Stuffed

10 = Sick

After Thanksgiving dessert I was an 8.5 - 9. This time after dessert at my neighborhood progressive dinner I was a 5.  I wasn't distracted by my discomfort so I continued to enjoy the socializing until it was time to stroll back home.

Dr. May says the best time to eat is when you're at a 2 or 3.  I've been following her advice and can tell you that I didn't gain weight on my tropical vacation and even loss a tiny bit.  I'm getting the feeling this is the kind of approach that works slowly but really sticks. 

Try it for a week or two and let me know how it works for you.  When your hunger is at a 2 or 3, Dr. May says you'll feel somewhere between "starving--you must eat NOW (2) or "eating would be pleasureable but you can wait longer" (3).  The other thing I notice is that when I eat something at a 2 or 3 versus at a 5 or greater, it tastes so much more wonderful at the 2 or 3 level. Try it for just a week and see what happens.





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