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I Got My H1N1 Vaccine!

Kane County Health Department started their H1N1 vaccinations yesterday. Last night, my family and I went to St. Charles North High School for our immunizations.

Yes, the lines were long. Yes, the wait was literally several hours. I didn't mind one bit though, because it meant the community was showing up for the vaccine and I couldn't have been happier about that. (You've probably gotten the idea by now that Dr. Carrie and I recommend getting both the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccinations.)

I was impressed by the organization of this public vaccination campaign. The Kane County Health Department did an incredible job planning and preparing for the evening. I'm sure the St. Charles Police Department had extra officers working that night to direct traffic around the school. There were hundreds of volunteers assisting with patient flow and administering the vaccines. They were working for hours and every single person there was pleasant and with a smile. They did a tremendous job and everyone involved deserves a great big thank you!

These vaccination clinics are the culmination of many collaborative efforts. As I mentioned in my "I've Got a Complaint" article, it's been only 6 months since H1N1 first appeared in the US. Think about what they've done in these past 6 months: the epidemiology, the virology, the development and testing of a vaccine, the mass manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine, and the public education campaign. Almost 6 months to the day from the first case of H1N1 in the US to the first H1N1 vaccination. That's awesome work.

The wait in line really wasn't bad. It was outside in the drizzling and cold rain from about 5:15 PM until 7:30 PM. Some waited longer. No one could've predicted that the weather wouldn't cooperate, but it was alright because the children were miraculously all cooperating - thank goodness for the volunteers selling snacks at reasonable prices. (OK, admittedly there was one point where my child wasn't cooperating but after the police officer very nicely said there was no crying in line, we didn't hear another peep from that child.) We made new friends with line neighbors and there was lots of laughing and pleasant conversation. The sense of community was palpable.

Once we got inside, completed the paperwork, and went into the gymnasium...

                                                                      there IT was...

                                                                    the H1N1 vaccine!


(OK, perhaps I get a bit too excited about this, but scientifically and medically speaking, it was exciting!)

If you are interested in finding out where your county will be having the vaccination clinics, go to the website for your county's health department. They'll have all of the information you need.

If you have questions about the H1N1 vaccine, please go to the CDC's website or read our earlier articles about H1N1.

Thanks again to all those who worked so hard to make these vaccination clinics a success!   



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joeboston1234 said:

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Great, now when can we get ours?? Will you be getting yours?

TracyG said:

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Hmmmm....just wondering which child it was....:-)

Dr. Brenda said:


Dear (Auntie)TracyG,

I will never divulge which child was not cooperating.

I will only say it is the one with just a bit more "Auntie" inside!



Dr. Brenda

TracyG said:

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Ha! I'm sure you're referring to Auntie Missy. :-)

cubsfan said:


I drove by and it looked like a welfare line wrapped around the building. How many people got sick standing in the rain for hours???

Jane Rickard said:


I'm a school nurse and have a couple of extra pieces of baggage that qualify me as being "high risk" so I found myself at one of the local colleges Saturday before last. I got there at 8:00 am and was given a number and told to come back at 11:15. So I went home and had breakfast and returned at 10:45, parking was no problem on either end of the trip. They had already passed my number so I was ushered past the line and into the clinic area. I was in and out in an hour flat, no muss, no fuss, no charge. The health department has their act together if what I saw at Truman is an example, I can be counted as a happy public health nurse and a happy patient.

Dr. Brenda said:


Dear Jane,

Glad to hear you also had a great experience getting your immunization. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

Dr. Brenda

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