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The 7-foot plant growing in the Rogers Park neighborhood was a comical find. What a creative addition to Daley's greening of Chicago. It got me thinking about the pending Illinois legislation to legalize medical use of Marijuana.





IL Senate Bill 1381 introduces the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act.  The law would allow a person with a debilitating illness and their primary caregiver to be issued a registry identification card for the legal possession of small quantities of marijuana. While exact quantities are being debated, the bill as introduced, would limit the number of plants a person could possess to less than seven and the amount of dried cannabis to two ounces. The legislation would automatically be repealed three years after its introduction.  Its purpose therefore appears to be to provide a trial of medical marijuana use. The bill's deadline for action is November 30, 2009.

I can't help but think of Dan Shapiro's story, Mom's Marijuana.  Shortly after Dan was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease at the tender age of 20, he recieved these words of wisdom from a friend and fellow cancer survivor:

"Chemo's grim, man, get weed." 

So his mom decides to grow marijuana in the back yard so her son can get some relief from chemotherapy-induced nausea.  It's a great story that hits on more than the cannabis. Here's an excerpt not to be missed.

Cannabis works extremely well for chemotherapy-induced nausea.  Other effective uses include severe weight loss, chronic pain, seizures, multiple sclerosis, conditions that cause muscle spasms, and glaucoma. States in which medical use is legal also generally approve it for use in HIV/AIDS since many of these same symptoms can occur with this condition.  So there's potentially quite a number of folks who could benefit from medically prescribed marijuana. 

It is tricky business, however.  The implementation is challenging and there's the whole issue of regulating the dispensaries.  Here's a list of states in which medical marijuana is currently legal.

Finally, I just can't resist leaving you with this period classic.




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Mike R said:

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Prohibition: The act of forfeiting any means of control to criminal enterprises.

You think street-corner dealers are going to card your child? You think they're not gonns try to push harder, more addictive drugs to sweeten the deal?

Protect your children! Legalize and Regulate Marijuana NOW!

scottportraits said:

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Right ! Do it for the children, the little people who will inhabit this planet in the future. Legalize, decriminalize, regulate, implement.........just do IT NOW !!!

scottportraits said:

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Change is always a challenge. But you just can't sustain a lie forever. Cannabis has been shown to be an effective and relatively harmless medicine with significant therapeutic value. So what's stopping us ?? Old fogies, the DEA, and reactionaries that can never admit that they were wrong.

Support Medical Cannabis Access

Florida Voters: Download Florida petition at:

In California: vote YES on Legalizing Marijuana at:

Support - Police Against Prohibition

Support - MJ Lobby in Wash, DC

grow9000 said:

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With the Illinois elections just around the corner, here's a voting guide for medical marijuana friendly candidates:

Make your vote count!

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