Division and Rush

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The Murder Professor
Chapter 1: How Murderers Get Caught
Chapter 2: Death Takes a Bath
Chapter 3: How Stu's Wives Died
Chapter 4: The Business Lunch
Chapter 5: The Proper Use of Misdirection
Chapter 6: Death of a Reality TV Star
Chapter 7: The New York Media Tour
Chapter 8: The Fringe Benefits of Fame
Chapter 9: Making Stu Sweat
Chapter 10: The Player Revolt
Chapter 11: A Meeting with the Mayor
Chapter 12: Rear Dorm Window
Chapter 13: The Drinking Game
Chapter 14: What Stu Likes
Chapter 15: Women over 30
Chapter 16: Caught in a Mustache

The Cult of Low Self-Esteem

Chapter 1: A Sense of Abandonment
Chapter 2: Old Friends and Lawyers
Chapter 3: Drowning in Support
Chapter 4: The Diva Interview
Chapter 5: The Reports of My Death Weren't Exaggerated

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