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Why Being In a Wheelchair Doesn't Suck


Harp teacher, able-bodied, spend my life opening doors for my fiance and pretending to like baseball.

Part eight in our fully planned out series...

There are a lot of reasons that being in a wheelchair sucks. You can't play footsie with a girl, you can't see when people give standing ovations, and you have to be aggressive to get through crowds.

But one reason being in a wheelchair doesn't suck is that it's a great excuse!

Using a wheelchair is a great excuse for things you don't want to do in life. Don't want to go out? "It's not accessible!" Don't want to wear a suit? "I can't wheel in jackets!" Don't want to babysit? "I can't carry them if they get hurt!" We've mentioned in several posts that no one is going to call you out. Who wants to accuse the wheelchair user of lying about his disability and abilities? Getting away with things and having a ready made excuse will really make your life as a wheelchair user more enjoyable-much to the chagrin of the able-bodied people around you!



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Gary Arnold said:

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when I saw this post, I thought maybe it was a response to an organization in Chicago called "Spinal Cord Injury Sucks." The website is http://www.scisucks.org/. While I appreciate a realistic look at spinal cord injuries, I am concerned that such a website reinforces the idea that life ends after disability and I am concerned the name nullifies any attempt to send the message that people with disabilities can live fulfilling lives.

In any case, I enjoy your blog --gary

Daniel said:



First of all, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Secondly, thanks for passing along that website, I hadn't seen it yet.

We're living proof that life most certainly does NOT end with the onset of a birth defect or other sort of injury. And it's sad that others have the opposite belief. The easiest way to deal with things like this is through humor and a positive attitude, and hopefully we can pass that along to as many people as possible.

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