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Why Being in a Wheelchair Doesn't Suck


Harp teacher, able-bodied, spend my life opening doors for my fiance and pretending to like baseball.

Part seven in a randomly decided series...

There are a lot of reasons using a wheelchair really sucks. You can't lift the chair during the Horah at a wedding, Dance Dance Revolution is a challenge, and puddles have a whole different meaning for you than for able-bodied people.

But one great reason why being in a wheelchair doesn't suck is that you get away with things. We've spoken before about how it's not always an able-bodied person's fault when we crash into them on the street. But it certainly is a perk that you always think so. We park poorly, hog the sidewalk unnecessarily, crash into people's chairs in restaurants, and charm our way into seating areas that aren't on our tickets.

In our expansive experience, very few people are willing to correct you or tell you no if you're in a wheelchair. They're all too scared that they'll be offensive in some way-funny when you think about it, because we're usually the ones asking for something we probably shouldn't have gotten normally.

So we'd like to tell you to lighten up, don't worry about offending us, and call us out when we're wrong. But that would take a lot of fun out of our lives, so keep on apologizing, and we'll keep taking advantage of it. 



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Jennifer Fernicola Ronay said:


Funny!!! Love this!!

Bruce said:

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totally agree and I personally know of incidents where wheelchair user's brings untrained dog's on buses, in restaurants and other public places. Actual "service animals" need special training to ensure the safety of the general public and if for no reason other than the individual being a wheel chair user no one say's a thing to them. An individual NOT in a wheel chair would not be allowed to bring their pet into these public places. The untrained "service animal" whose conduct is inappropriate gives all service animals and those who legitimately need them a bad name.

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