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The worst commercial ever made


We just found this offensive commercial, put together by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Check it out below:

The message sent by this commercial is horrifying. Apparently, a person who is recently disabled will have his or her life shattered completely.  He can no longer go outside into the sunlight, can no longer have friends, and can no longer be in a committed relationship. His friends and loved ones will abandon him and band together to live life without him.

Aside from the misconceptions portrayed, MADD does not specify whether this wheelchair user is now disabled because he was the drunk driver, or a victim of a drunk driver. Maybe this unfortunate young man was hit by a drunk driver, went through months of extensive surgeries, hospital stays, and physical therapy and his girlfriend was too superficial to look past his disability and stay with him. Maybe they had only been dating a few weeks when the accident happened. Maybe she was driving drunk, and he got the brunt of the hit.

Regardless, MADD is incredibly disrespectful to the disabled community in their portrayal of wheelchair-users. To imply that life in a wheelchair means life in a room while your former life passes you by is ridiculous. Has MADD met anyone in a wheelchair before? Should we parade in front of them showing our own committed relationship, along with many of our friends who are married, engaged, single, dating, parents, friends, children and each one successfully living his or her life despite using a wheelchair?

We respect what MADD stands for, and we acknowledge the horrors that a drunk driving accident can have, whether a victim or a driver. But MADD doesn't need to belittle the disabled community and flat-out insult them to get its message across. There are plenty of other ways to make a difference and have an impact, and we're both disappointed and disgusted that MADD chose to do it in this way.

We'll cheer you up in our next post, with a look at three of the best commercials we've ever seen!



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Quinn said:

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Wow, undermining a potentially righteous cause with pointless swipes at potential supporters - is MADD taking cues from PETA?

Gary Arnold said:

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too bad. after all these years, some elements of popular culture still equate acquiring a disability with the end of life.

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