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Update: Savannah, GA clarifies its position on wheelchairs


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You may remember a travel post a few weeks ago in which a worker for the city of Savannah, Ga., banned Dan from one of the city's interactive fountains.  He cited a city code as having rules against wheelchairs being allowed in the fountain.
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The fountain that Dan IS allowed in!

We played phone tag with the city of Savannah for a few days and made contact last week.  We were put in touch with three city officials. In our conversation, we were informed that, in fact, "there is no city ordinance, and there will never be a city ordinance, against me going into the fountain." Our experience was the result of "a single security guard, and it has been made VERY CLEAR to all the security guards that a person in a wheelchair is allowed in the fountain."  At the end, one city official invited me back to Ellis Square and its fountain!

We'd like to thank the city for clarifying this situation, informing its employees of the rules and protocol, and for its efforts to help us. The city went out of its way to contact us, involve all the officials necessary, and make sure the city was inclusive. We really appreciated that. I guess we will be back some day after all Savannah!



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