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Number 1004 of things you don't think about for wheelchair users:


Harp teacher, able-bodied, spend my life opening doors for my fiance and pretending to like baseball.

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What do you do when this happens?



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Katja said:

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I have:

1. Asked a passerby to retrieve it
2. Driven to where ever it wound up
3. Scooted on my butt to go get it

So now I do my very, very best not to have it happen by either parking in the other direction so that the chair is uphill of my door, or by being religious in setting the brake (which has gotten much easier since I dumped my vendor brakes for hub brakes).

Daniel said:


Hey Katja,

I've definitely had to utilize numbers 2 and 3 at various times in my life. Especially late at night if nobody's around in the parking lot at work. Once I literally had to drive about 300 feet, as my chair turned itself around and rolled down a hill! Good times, good times...

Thanks for commenting, and I hope you're enjoying the blog!

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