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French airline refuses to seat disabled passenger without a companion.


Harp teacher, able-bodied, spend my life opening doors for my fiance and pretending to like baseball.

Here's a shocking article we ran across via Twitter. EasyJet is being sued as they told a paraplegic that she could not travel alone, then when another passenger offered to help, refused her a seat since they hadn't boarded together. Easyjet's comments were, "We have an obligation to respect very strict security rules. We try to find someone to accompany [disabled passengers]. We prefer to do this at the check-in stage."

Dan travels without me all the time, and has never had any issue. Are you trying to tell me, Easyjet, that you wouldn't allow him to board your plane just because I'm not there to hold his hand? Not only is it enormously insulting and judgemental, but it's expensive to have to buy another ticket for a companion, and belittling to the disabled community to insinuate that they aren't capable of getting themselves on a plane. In a situation where a disabled person needs help, they'll ask for it or bring someone with them. If they don't need it, then who is Easyjet to make that decision for them? And what makes them experts qualified to judge every person's level of disability and capability? At least some good came out of this situation: I know which airline not to use if I ever go to France.



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