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The Blackhawks are Kings of the Hockey World

What a tremendous moment to see the Stanley Cup handed to Jonathan Toews by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the wild celebration that ensued moments later. In my lifetime I have seen several championships. The 1985 Bears, the 6 titles won by Michael Jordan and the Bulls, the 2005 White Sox who won the World Series, and even the 1982 Chicago Sting who claimed the NASL soccer title.

Now all that is left is for the Cubs to end more than a century of futility and finally win a World Series. That is a topic for another day. Now let's celebrate the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks who are the NHL Champions.

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The Blackhawks Lose Their Shirts?

Photos of some Chicago Blackhawks players engaging in a night of partying have surfaced in Vancouver where the Hawks played on Saturday evening, losing to the Canucks 5-1.

The website "The KurtenBlog" posted photos of some Blackhawks partying in a limo with several females. The team is already aware of the pictures and issued this statement that is included in a story on the Chicago Breaking Sports Website run by the Chicago Tribune: "We're aware of (the photos). It's a team-related issue and will be handled like any other situation and that will be internally."

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**Breaking News** Toews, Kane, Keith Sign New Deals

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed three of their best players - Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith to long term contract extensions and will hold a 2 p.m. press conference Thursday afternoon at the United Center to announce the signings.

Toews and Kane will get 5 year extensions and Keith will sign a 13 year deal. More to come.

A Look at Curtis Granderson

After a nice break on the beach in Maui it's time to get back to work covering all of the happenings in the Chicago sports world. So let's start with the Cubs, who are still trying to unload Milton Bradley after talking with a number of teams at the recently completed GM meetings.

The latest I am hearing has the Cubs and the Rangers seriously discussing a trade that would send the disgruntled outfielder back to the the team that he starred for before signing with the Cubs last winter. However, read this nugget in Rangers' beat writer Evan Grant's blog regarding a possible Bradley return to Texas, and you'll see just how tough it may be for the Cubs to move him.

As for the Tigers willingness to trade center fielder Curtis Granderson, things are starting to heat up, as they explore several different options in both the AL and NL.

Detroit Tigers CF Curtis Granderson would be a huge upgrade for the Cubs outfield defense.

The Cubs are definitely on the Tigers radar, since they fit several of the requirements Detroit has in any Granderson deal. First, they have a handful of excellent prospects that are nearly major league ready and they would be the key to any deal. Also, the Cubs don't play in the AL and definitely don't play in the AL Central. That could make this deal more likely, since Detroit is very reluctant to trade him within their league and even more so in their division. If you were Jim Hendry, would you trade rising shortstop prospect Starlin Castro in a package to land Granderson?
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Chicago Sports Needs Some Personalities

While I consider Rick Morrissey a colleague and a friend, we usually disagree on most of the topics we discuss in the sports world. However, his column this morning in the Chicago Tribune was outstanding. For a world class city with the best sports fans in the world, we sure don't have much in the way of colorful personalities who are compelling enough for even the casual fan to pay attention. How big would Chad Ochocinco be on the national stage if he played in Chicago or New York? He would be a mega star.

Outside of Ozzie Guillen, name me one guy who you think really keeps it interesting, and is engaging not only with the media, but in the way he acts on the playing field. Let's examine the coaches and managers first, then we'll look at the players who call Chicago home.

Managers and Coaches

Ozzie Guillen

He may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I find him so entertaining to watch and to cover that he would probably the guy I'd hire if I owned a baseball team. Ozzie is honest to a fault, and he says what most fans are thinking even if his players don't like his frankness. His personality keeps the White Sox in the headlines even when his team may not be great. Plus, he has a World Series ring on his hand. So those who don't like him can't really argue much, because he accomplished something that no one else has done in this city in a very long time.
Lou Piniella

When Lou was hired by the Cubs, many fans and members of the media (myself included) expected a Mike Ditka-like presence in the Cubs dugout based on what we had seen of Sweet Lou during his time as the manager of the Seattle Mariners. However, with rare exception, we have seen a much more mellow Piniella, especially in 2009 when his lack of public anger frustrated many fans. When he shows his emotion, he is a colorful "Chicago type" personality. And that is what he needs to show in 2010.
Lovie Smith

While he may know his football, he is one of the most boring personalities we have seen on the Chicago sports scene in a long time. Smith is steady and unspectacular, but his lack of charisma drives fans who remember the days of Mike Ditka crazy, when every news conference and media moment was must-see TV. Smith is true to himself, but I believe that sometimes management forgets that professional sports are entertainment and you need to keep people watching even when you aren't going to the playoffs.

Joel Quenneville

Coach Q is very intense, and will flash a glimpse of his fiery personality from time to time behind the bench. But he does not usually show that side of himself away from game action. His news conferences are calm and informative, but he doesn't do much to garner attention.
Vinny Del Negro

Another of the modern day coaches who does not ever say anything to stir the pot. Del Negro is polished and concise in his comments, but like most of his Chicago counterparts he is not must-watch TV when he addresses the media.
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The Blackhawks Cannot Win Big With Huet in Net

Enthusiasm for the Chicago Blackhawks is at a fever pitch. And with the season underway and the Hawks roster loaded with outstanding talent, it is not a surprise that several national publications including Sports Illustrated are predicting a run at a Stanley Cup.

However, after watching Huet play last season and the start of this season, and talking with a handful of excellent NHL sources, it is obvious to me that the Blackhawks have no chance to contend for a title if Huet is their #1 goaltender. He allows far too many soft goals, and he has no proven track record of success, which would allow a team to believe that he can turn around a shaky start to the season.

Tonight's performance against the Calgary Flames was awful. He allowed 3 goals in less than 8 minutes and two of the three goals he should have definitely stopped with the third goal somewhat questionable on whether or not he should have handled it. Calgary's first-period goals came in a span of 5:29. Dustin Boyd, Eric Nystrom and Jarome Iginla ended Huet's night with goals within 53 seconds of each other, and Rene Bourque and Olli Jokinen padded the lead.
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Video Interview with the Cab Driver in Patrick Kane Incident

Thanks to loyal ChicagoNow reader VinMan who e-mailed a link to TSN sports out of Canada with information on the Patrick Kane arrest this morning in Buffalo, NY. Included is footage of Kane being led into the police station and an interview with the cab driver who relates his version of the events that led to Kane's arrest.

Check it out here. The cab driver sure comes off as very credible and as a guy who is still stunned over what transpired.


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