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WOW. Just, WOW.

If you haven't seen this video yet, this is one you'll show everyone you know.  Trust me.  This takes trick shots to an art form.


Saturday's College Football Picks Against the Spread - October 23rd

I am off to call the Central Michigan at Northern Illinois football game on Comcast SportsNet so before I head to DeKalb let's get right to my picks for today's college football action.

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Top Plays

Hawaii -3.5
Northwestern +6
Indiana +14
Indiana/Illinois OVER 54
Navy +6.5
TCU -18

Play of the Day

SMU -8

Saturday's College Football Picks

Here we go on a gorgeous football Saturday....

There are several games I like including the rivalry showdown between Michigan State and Michigan in Ann Arbor which will mark the return to coach from MSU coach Mark Dantonio who suffered a heart attack after the Spartans dramatic win over Notre Dame.

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

Stanford -9 over USC
Iowa State +6 1/2 over Utah

Best Bets

Michigan -4 over Michigan State
Alabama -7 over South Carolina
Tulane -1 over Army

Also, here are the picks from my friend Mr. BCS (who just finished a book on the joke that is the BCS) and now would like to be known by the name BCS Buster :)

Tennessee +11 1/2 over Georgia
Michigan State + 4 1/2 over Michigan
Notre Dame -6 over Pittsburgh
Florida State +6 over Miami
USC +9 over Stanford 

Saturday - October 2nd College Football Picks

4-3 in college football last week after going 5-0 two weeks ago. Here are today's first round of plays. **(As always these are for entertainment purposes only)**

Solid Plays

Illinois +18 over Ohio State
Toledo +5 over Wyoming
Iowa -7 over Penn State
Northwestern -5 over Minnesota
Michigan State -1.5 over Wisconsin
Navy/Air Force OVER 48

Best Bets

Boise State at New Mexico State OVER 60
Boston College +4 over Notre Dame

More to come later. Good Luck!!

Saturday - September 25th College Football Picks

Here we go....Interesting card in college football today with some statement games on the schedule including Boise State trying to add to their resume with a win over Oregon State in Boise. Also, Notre Dame tries to rebound from an overtime loss at Michigan State when they take on undefeated Stanford in South Bend.

Here are my picks in college football and as always....**These are for entertainment purposes only.**

Last week's college football record: 5-0

Solid Plays:

Auburn -2.5 over South Carolina
West Virginia +10 over LSU
Boston College -4 over Virginia Tech
Marshall -5 over Ohio
Bowling Green +25.5 over Michigan
Northern Illinois +4.5 over Minnesota

Best Bet:

Stanford -5 1/2 over Notre Dame

September 18th - College Football Picks Against The Spread

Interesting slate of games in college football today with Notre Dame at Michigan State my favorite game on the board to watch as Brian Kelly takes his Irish on the road for the first time in his career at ND. I am a fan of Kelly as a coach but the team he currently has is not the team he will win big with when he has a chance to recruit for a couple of seasons. I look for Michigan State to play with emotion and to feed off of a huge home field advantage tonight.

(As always these are for entertainment purposes only)

Kap's Picks

Air Force +17.5 vs Oklahoma
Texas -3 over Texas Tech
Northwestern -6.5 over Rice

Top Play

Michigan State on the money line over Notre Dame. If this line drops below 3 then lay the points but 3.5 is questionable as the half point could beat you.


Indian -13.5 over Western Kentucky

Also, here are the picks from a very respected college football expert. A man I call Mr. BCS.

Arkansas +2 over Georgia
North Carolina - 1.5 over Georgia Tech
Florida -14 over Tennessee
Washington +3 over Nebraska
LSU -7.5 over Mississippi State 

Saturday's College Football Picks Against The Spread

Here are today's college football picks against the spread. As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only. Have fun! Kap

Solid Plays

Michigan +3 1/2 at Notre Dame
Alabama -12 1/2 vs Penn State
Vanderbilt +10 vs LSU
Stanford -6 at UCLA

Best Play of the Day

Wake Forest  -5 1/2 vs Duke

College Football Picks Against The Spread

Throughout the football season I will make my picks against the spread. Here are Saturday's best plays. Please check back frequently as I will update my picks throughout the day.

Illinois vs Missouri  OVER 53
Washington +1 over BYU
Purdue +11 over Notre Dame
Kansas State +1.5 over UCLA

Best Pick
Northwestern - 3.5 over Vanderbilt

I also have the picks listed below from one of my crew at CSN - A guy that I'll call Mr. BCS

Here are his best picks of the weekend:


Greatest Touchdown Ever

If you've never seen this video, you've got to check this out.  One of the most wild plays I've ever seen in football, without a doubt.  Enjoy and forward on to your friends.  I've seen this many times, and can't get enough.

I Have Seen The Light....The Bowl System Has to Stay

I have been among the more vocal critics of the BCS since its inception because there have been several instances where an undefeated team has been left out of the national championship game because of the computers that determine BCS rankings.

I have tried to formulate a playoff proposal that would allow everyone in the country a shot at winning the national title, but after looking at several different scenarios from a "Plus One" to a 4, 8, and even a 16 team playoff, I have come to realize that such a system would do irreparable harm to the tradition-filled bowls season.

Let's look first at the college football regular season, which is without a doubt the most compelling of any regular season in American sport. Lose just one game, and your shot at a title could be gone. That means a team better be prepared to play each and every week. That also means that fans will be locked on every play of every game all season long knowing that one bad game can erase a season of outstanding play.

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