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A Tribute To Ron Santo: Audio Edition Part II

There really is no way to upload every great moment of radio between Pat Hughes and Ron Santo, but here are some more gems we had in our archive. 

The Yogurt Machine:
Pat - Ron and yogurt.mp3

Ron's Lip:
Pat and Ron - Ron's Lip.mp3

Tom Cruise's Height Argument:
Pat and Ron - Tom Cruise's height.mp3

Pat and Ron Hilarity 061510.mp3

Ronnie always made fun of himself:
Ron doesn't make sense.mp3

The Coffee Spillage:
Ron Spillage.mp3

The Praying Mantis:
Pat and Ron - Praying Mantis.MP3

And last, at least for this post, but certainly not least, some great Ron Santo highlights:
Ron Montage.mp3

Listening back to these just illustrates how much we'll all miss Ron Santo.  What a man he was.



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Edelweiss said:

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With the loss of Santo, the Cubs have really self-destructed. First they get rid of their most popular players, then they go on a losing streak that finishes them for the season,then Piniella's senility is finally noticed by the front office, then the guy who loved the team the most is lost to us. This team needs a complete makeover.

jbear3 said:

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Found the transcript on the net... love'd to hear this audio in a tribute.. captures it all in one play.
A favorite from the crazy end of the Cubs-Rockies "Angel Hernandez vs. Steve McMichaels Grudge Match" game. Ron ran the gamut. It was positively a Best of Ron Santo Medley:

Pat: And the pitch, Girardi lines one into left field!

Ron: Yeah, YEAH! Come on!

Pat: Gutierrez around third, he's going to try and score!

Ron: Oh NO!

Pat: Gutierrez falls down!

Ron: Oh NO!! (This last one really breaks your heart, if you're a Cubs fan...)

Pat: He gets back up! The throw to second not in time...now they're running Girardi back to first...

Ron: *Unintelligible; sounds like a muffled obscenity, but perhaps is just "Aw, nuts"*

Pat: ...Girardi being run towards second...now Gutierrez gets back to third...the throw to first for Girardi, he's in a rundown; Gutierrez trying to score! The throw to the plate, he slides...he's safe!!

Ron: *Unintelligible shout of joy in background*

Pat: Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

*Ron is silent, perhaps weeping...*

MWPH said:

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These clips are great! The one I'll always remember was when Ron was hosting the pre-game, I think he was interviewing either a coach or pitcher, and, after concluding the interview he said, "Thanks, but sorry Larry (or whoever it was), I just have one more thing to say." Then he went on to complain about how Pat Hughes was supposed to wait for him the night before while he found a cab - but Pat had found a cab instead and just left. Ron went on and on about how selfish it was, and how could Pat have just left him there. I remember thinking, what is the interviewee thinking?! If you have that clip, i'd greatly appreciate hearing it again.

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